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Fragrance Free Environment

The need to conserve and protect our natural recourses and the environment has continued to gain support and attention from every part of the world. It has attracted very many people regardless of their age, sex, race and originality. This is broadly attributed to the role of a healthy and safe environment. It is clear that life and environment cannot be separated. As a result, man has the obligation of safeguarding the environment. This has taken many paths including the formulation and adoption of legislations and policies which are aimed at preserving the environment through regulation and control of environment. However, very few people understand the effect of fragrances, which are common products at home (Why Go Fragrance Free?). These sweet smelling chemicals which are liked and used by millions of people have countless effects some of which are quite fatal. This paper explores the need of having a fragrance free environment in order to reduce human sensitivity to chemicals found in fragrances.

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Are fragrances harmful to human health? This question receives minimal attention from people who use perfumes and cosmetics on a daily basis. Since they are scented chemicals, many people believe that they are the safest beauty products on the planet. As a result, manifold concern focuses well known environmental pollutants, like exhaust fumes from automobiles, industrial waste products and cigarette smoking among others. The irony of it all is that we all know that inhaling certain chemicals like paints or getting in contact with them can be quite dangerous to our bodies yet almost nobody gives thought to the harmful potential of fragrances. Whether they affect consumers directly or not, most fragrances contain toxic chemicals some of which have turned out to be causes of severe illnesses and infections like skin cancer and breathing related complications (Kanerva, Elsner and Wahlberg 494). It is worth noting that the sweet smell in fragrances is not a guarantee of safety; there are numerous scented poisonous substances around the globe. However, the manner in which people respond to fragrances is quite diverse with some being extremely sensitive whereas others may not experience any physical effects. People who are sensitive to fragrances get affected so much that keeping our environment free from these chemicals can be one the most important stages in protecting their lives.

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Although perfumes currently contain several synthetic elements, research indicates that fragrances used to be manufactured from natural ingredients which mainly contained herbs and flowers. As a result, most of these products were human friendly and less harmful. Additionally, very few experienced sensitivity which is currently common. The introduction and adoption of synthetic fragrances in the late 1970s was a turning point in the evolution of cosmetics. How many people bother to understand the composition of fragrances? Although it is not known to many users, most fragrances contain oil and turpentine with other synthetics obtained through chemical reactions. These synthetics have been found to be harmful especially when applied to the skin or inhaled. Many researchers affirm that fragrances contain several harmful chemicals which affect both users through direct contact and other people via inhalation. Common chemical components found in fragrances include but not limited to acetone, aldehydes, carcinogenic, solvents, petro-chemicals, and narcotics (Kanerva, Elsner and Wahlberg 498). These chemicals have been found to cause fatal health complications one of them being cancer which remains a killer disease in the world. Inhalation of fragrances also results into central nervous system disorders, irritation, nausea, respiratory failure among other fatal complications. Notably, the nature of many fragrances allows them to quickly get into the human system especially through inhalation and bodily contact.

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Is it true that we are what we breathe in? Due to our daily exposure, we breathe in countless molecules of scented toxic chemicals which we costly acquire them. It never clicks the mind of people who use perfumes that they could be doing harm to themselves, family members, friends and any other person around them. How would these people feel if they learnt that their recurring headaches could be attributed to the use of fragrances? As mentioned before, sensitivity to smell and scented chemicals vary from one person to the other. Nevertheless, being less sensitive does not exclude one from the risk associated with the use fragrances (Salthammer and Uhde 365). There are millions of people around the world who consider themselves not sensitive to fragrances yet they suffer and experience their effects unknowingly. Research further indicates that the human body has the capability of adapting to different conditions. Consequently, body systems get used to certain fragrances leading to a general misconception among consumers. A clear understanding of the composition of various fragrances is therefore key in dealing promoting good health.

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In conclusion, there is a clear connection between fragrances and human health. Being common chemicals in homes and shops, fragrances have the potential to negatively affect people. It is however important to note that the extent to which perfumes affect individuals vary. This is due to the diverse sensitivity among human beings (Rowe 8). There are people who are considered hyper sensitive to these chemicals whereas others are less sensitive to fragrances with their effects going unnoticed. Whether sensitive or insensitive to perfumes, the bottom line is that fragrances are harmful scented chemicals which cause a plethora of health disorders. Based on the negative effects of fragrances, it is clear that there is an urgent need of establishing and nurturing a fragrance free environment. This would go a long way in not only controlling environmental pollution which remains a major challenge in the world but also in reducing chemical sensitivity in the society. Lowering of sensitivity is very important in lowering the risks associated with the use of fragrances. These efforts should be aimed at creating a fragrance free environment.

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