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Healthy Grief

The table below brings out the grieving process as brought out by Elisabeth kübler-ross, she brings out the five stages of grief and then a comparison is done with the processes as brought out in the Bible by Job. The table below therefore gives a clear comparison of the story of Job form the Bible on how he went through his suffering and the grieving process as brought out by Elisabeth kübler-ross; from the table it is important to note that there are some similarities from the two instances while some major differences are also witnessed Elisabeth (Worth, 2004).

From this argument Denial is a mindful or comatose repudiation to agree with the real situation which can be information, argument or the case as brought out by a given circumstance. It is therefore a protective mechanism in a normal way. Many individuals can get between tricky conditions which can call for denial especially when involved in a condition which can be very traumatizing and can be assumed to pass. Some cases like death can be very tricky and would be challenging to avoid in that case.

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In the case of Job as brought out from the Bible, he didn't try to evade the problems he was faced with. In his methodology he prayed to God even when all his family members were dying and all the diseases.

Elizabeth argued that anger can be noticed in many ways. People who face disturbing situations always experience either with themselves or the nearest individuals at that moment. This knowledge can help in someone not to associate or judge the individuals faced with the same.

The case of Job as brought out in the bile is a little bit different as job irrespective of all the problems and the challenges he underwent was not angry with god. He was only angry with those who were pressurizing him to leave praying and face the problems as a normal human being without God's help.

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In the normal conditions, people who are at the verge of dying will always be trying to bargain with god as if he is a normal being. Even the individuals close to him at this juncture will try to put forward some arguments. While those in not very serious conditions can try to reach a compromise. Example in mending friendship break ups. In this case therefore bargaining will be best solution for most important and crucial problems.

Even though Job in the initial stages he was forced by the people around him o question God, he eventually realized it wont help and thus entered into thorough prayers. He therefore never entered into bargaining process as he was only relying prayers and patience.

This phase is also known as preparatory grieving. This acts as a preparation after undergoing a challenging experience but depends with individuals. It can bring some sort of acceptance but is mainly associated with fear, sadness and regret or uncertainty. This shows some sense of acceptance is developing.

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As individuals face depression in their grieving process, Job was never faced with the same, he entrusted all this to God he was faithfully serving and thus continuously prayed to God. Individuals might experience fear, sadness and even regret as brought out by Elizabeth but Job experienced none of this due to the strong faith he had in God.

It is important that this phase also varies depending on the person condition but is generally geared to mean that the individual has finally get used with the happenings and accepted the outcome of the situation. In the case of death therefore, the dead are considered to be in the phase automatically while the relatives will have to pass under the grieving cycle again in order to reach the acceptance of the death.

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The case of Job as brought in the Bible meant that he had accepted all the sufferings and the challenges he was undergoing just from the word go. This is in contrast as the case of Elizabeth arguments. The numerous deaths as witnessed in Job's family, is something he had accepted long time ago an this is the reason he was praying to god to see him through all these.

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