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John F Kennedy Assassination

The murder of John F Kennedy took place on Nov.22, 1963 in Dallas. John F. Kennedy arguably the most influential president of all time was assassinated during his trip to Dallas. Due to his popularity many of the people who were beyond the age of school going at the time have vivid memories of the day, they can tell of what they were doing or where they were during this fateful day. In fact, it was such a disastrous day in the history of America that historians have held that only two other days remains so clear in the minds of Americans, the Pearl Harbor and September 11 incidences. It was such a horrific day for most people that they remained indoors and talked in hatched tones, it was just unbelievable that the great president had been assassinated.

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Given the popularity of JF Kennedy’s assassination many explanations have been put forward narrating the events of the day. None of this can be said to be an undoubtedly clear account of the day as most are speculative and are meant to create fascinating stories. They are pieced stories for the purpose of creating films and writing thrilling books, they lack objectivity and even though they contain basic occurrences of the day they cannot exactly explain the assassination. The government has also been scanty with the details, the closest revelation being a documentary released in 2010 forty years after the assassination. The credibility of the documentary cannot be ascertained for sure but it provides the best account for the day based on pictorial evidence availed by an individual who managed to capture the events that day. The description of the assassination is also helped by the use of a 3 dimensional computer revelation systems which gives the viewer a better look at the occurrences of that day. This is a ten years work which helps shed a better picture of what really happened on that day, the assassination that many people think was a conspiracy and which only one person was apprehended.

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Details on the documentary

On the fateful day the president with his wife arrived in Air Force I in Dallas Love Field airport for a luncheon with local business and civic leaders which was to be held at Dealey Plaza in Dallas Texas. On arrival at the airport the president motorcade to Dealey plaza took a longer route, down town Dallas to give the president enough time to interact with the members of the public. These lined up along the street right from the airport to Dealey plaza which was to be the eventual destination for the president. The motorcade was to take about 45 minutes from the airport to Dallas Trade Mart, the motorcade would be guided slowly through down town Dallas and this was expected to take the 45 minutes allotted time. The motorcade made it through down town Dallas and entered Dealey Plaza at around 12:30 p.m. The president’s open limousine had four occupants at the time, the president with his wife and Texas’s Governor Connaly with his wife as well. Immediately they entered Dealey plaza there was absolute chaos in the park. The president had been shot by an unknown assassin. There was a general feeling that this was a conspiracy against the beloved president, no one thought of it as an act by an American but by one of the many American enemies.  Moments later the president who had been rushed to Parkland Memorial Hospital was declared to have passed on of bullet wounds in his brain.

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Following his death multiple investigations to unearth what had happened that day started. Key to these investigations was Abraham Zapruder a local dress maker. Zapruder had come into the park thirty minutes before the president’s arrival with his recording camera and casually started filming; it was this film that caught the unforgettable moment of the assassination. This film was so crucial that without it, it was impossible to prove with any certainty the occurrences of that day. Fortunately, this documentary is based on this film which gives it some form of credibility. Considering that it involves an account of the president’s assassination from start to finish, it is utilized to create an animation which details the occurrences of the day. The animation creates a 3 dimensional view of the Dealey plaza and the surrounding building in the same way they were on the day of the assassination. It then creates an animation of the president’s motorcade particularly the limousine which drove the president. According to the animation Zapruder was standing on the west side, he could see the president’s limousine approaching around the corner. As the animation shows the approaching limousine the creator incorporates Governor Connaly’s evidence. In his testimony he said he was looking to the left when he heard a shot from a high powered rifle, he immediately turned to the right. At this point the Limousine disappears momentarily mainly due to Zapruder’s view. It then emerges almost immediately and the first person we see is the Governor, in a blink we get the view of the president in anguish the bullet had caught him and this represents the exact moment of his assassination. 

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