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Terrorism and the Justification

Terrorism is an organized use of terror and coercion by inflicting fear into a certain group. Terrorism mainly occurs as a means of coercion in the international community especially by organized groups that have a brand as terrorists. The groups however regard themselves as holy and clean of any forms of terror. The term has no legally defined law definition due to the nature of how it occurs. The common understanding of terrorism is the violent acts that occur perpetrated by a group with the intention of creating fear for religious purposes, political or ideological reasons. Terrorism in the world occurs from a group that is seeking recognition by governments or funded by agents with political interests that can be international or local. It occurs from a group that was at one time in close links with the government targeted. The word terrorism is from different perspectives emotionally or politically instigated. State authorities that harbor state support and funding use the term adversely. Terrorism cannot be justified by the fact that it is a fight against the government however terrorism is in a broad array practiced by some political organizations with an agenda of furthering their objectives. Though I cannot say that terrorism is just a word used by the superior government authorities to delegitimize those small in authority, it is widely wrongly used to undermine a specific group of people. An example of the world organizations regarded as terrorist groups include the Al-Qaeda and the Al-shabaab. These mainly Muslim organizations target the United States of America and its citizens.

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The Al-Qaeda has no just cause to target the US civilians, as they are non-combatant. The organization from its history has a deep rooting political rivalry between it and the legitimate authority of the US. The late leader and founder of the Al-Qaeda Osama Bin Laden expressed fears that American government constantly misuse the small governments and target the Muslims that made him to form the group to combat the acts of America. In this process, the organization organized vicious attacks targeting the US embassies all over the world and her citizens. The fight against terrorism is by itself a war that is unfounded and long lasting. The biggest challenge is that the Al-Qaeda operates at the background and it is difficult to distinguish the members of this terrorist group, as known in the world. The group similarly targets the non-combatant civilians instead of focusing on the government combat force. According to me, the war of governments and terrorist groups should target the real actors in distinction to the civilians. The just cause of the enemy that is persistent between the Al-Qaeda and America remains a propanda that needs some close investigation. The reason for the enmity said by researchers as politically instigated to determine who is more powerful in the world, America or the Al-Qaeda. The food of thought is that the Al-Qaeda is an organization of Muslim insurgents who seeks to protect the rights of the Muslim society. In fact, this terrorism group has no justification whatsoever in attacking American nationals as these people are innocent. These people have no grudge with the Al-Qaida since the start of the enmity to most of them remain history. The legitimate government of America has the power to act against the group using some descent ways that cannot jeopardize the supremacy of the nation. The friction between terror groups and America has some justifiable causes as the leaders are in one way associated to America. For instance, the late leader grew up in America and even worked with the government of the US. My argument is that the American legitimate authority has the vital information that is necessary to curb the volatile atmosphere that exists between it and some Islamic states. This is the only solution that can bring some decency in this war. Terrorism is in fact war against government authorities in search for power.

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