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USA and Central America

The Monroe Doctrine was put forward by President James Monroe in1823. This doctrine calls for a cessation of European intervention in the vast American continent. It is crucial to realize that most of south and North America was colonized by European powers, and they continued to intervene in the affairs of their former colonies (Faundez, 1988). President Roosevelt added onto the Monroe doctrine into what has been popularly called the Roosevelt Corollary. Roosevelt asserted the European powers must not indulge or intervene in the countries that are placed south of the US. He, however, said that, under certain conditions, the US might intervene in the affairs of some South American countries (Faundez, 1988).

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One of the Central American countries in which America has intervened militarily and using other avenues is Chile. The most significant intervention is the 1973 coup in which the CIA and other state organs helped coup plotters overthrow the government of Allende. This was executed during the reign of President Richard Nixon. According to the author of this paper, the interference was justified. On of the reasons for this justification is the fact that the former regime was threatening the business interests of America (Faundez, 1988). It was leading to the loss of billions of dollars in oil money.

Another reason for the justification is that the Chilean regime was a breeding ground for terrorists (Faundez, 1988). Such terrorists as the jackal were being given refuge in the state. In this manner, it had become dangerous to America. The Chilean regime had also become a breeding ground for communists. These communists were a threat to the national security of the US. It had to go (Faundez, 1988).

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