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Critique of Web-Based Self-Help Resource

According to Melinda and Segal, managing stress involves taking control of ones thoughts, emotions, schedule, environment and the way one handles problems. The general specification of managing stress being able to balance life, that is, having time for everything, like time for work, affiliations, relaxation, and fun and having the courage to keep up with emerging pressure.

The author advices the reader to identify the sources of stress in one’s life by taking a closer look at his habits, attitudes and excuses that he/she makes on a regular basis. It’s a difficult and bold step to take although very useful.

The reader is then advised to distinguish the methods he/she uses in reducing stress, the authors note that although habits like overdrinking, smoking, withdrawal from friends among others may help reduce stress but they are said to become dangerous in the long run. The site goes ahead to explain to the reader the most sought after methods of managing stress. The authors break them down into four A’s: avoid, alter, adapt, or accept. That is, to either avoid the stressor, alter the stressor, adapt the stressor or accept the stressor. Avoiding the stressor involves: learning how to say no, avoiding stressful people and taking control of ones environment. Altering of a stressor involves: expressing ones feeling instead of bottling them up, having the will to compromise situations and making an effort to manage time better. Adapting to the stressor involves: reframing ones problems, looking at the big picture and focusing only on positive happenings. While in accepting the stressor, one need to try and control the uncontrollable in his/her own life, learning how to forgive and sharing feelings whenever possible.

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The site is designed in a rather simple but creative way which enables quick and easy navigation through tabs. The headings to the tabs are straightforward so that the reader does not waste time looking for irrelevant information. There is a search engine at the top of the website that allows for checking of information not displayed; the search engine is fast and precise. There are pictures distributed evenly on the website of people smiling and looking relaxed, this creates a relaxed environment and personally I felt less tensed while navigating. I felt as if I was with a professional and I was getting more out of the site.

Since I too have been a victim of stress at one point in my life, I advocate for ‘you are not the only one who is stressed and I am going to get through this” attitude, it helps a lot especially when one feels that he/ she is at his/her lowest point in life.

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