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Media Coverage

Media is one of the fundamental channels of reaching out to the public in order to communicate to them certain ideas, topics and events. Depending on how it is used, media is both beneficial and disastrous to any society. Through the use of the opinions, images, and data, media is likely to overwhelm the public with information. Despite the numerous benefits of media in the society, it has detrimental effects on human thinking ability, civility, and maintenance of democracy and health of the society.

In the most recent past, the story of Osama bin Laden’s death, it is explicit that there was wide media coverage. The mere announcement of the United States’ President Barrack Obama stirred the world and instantly, websites, social sites, televisions, and radios were on air announcing, commenting and featuring responses from different parts of the world. The news about Osama hit the world exceptionally fast through various channels. Some of the ways in which the event was presented to the public is through interviews, broadcasts, documentaries, posts, blogs, and publications on newspapers and magazines.

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Media is a tool that is highly indispensable in the society because it informs, warns and teaches the public about many issues in society. For effective communication, it is necessary that the media agencies enhance their coverage. Nonetheless, these companies ought to be careful of the amount of coverage they undertake on various topics or events. This is because too much media coverage in a given place can pose certain challenges. Poor ability of thinking among human beings is one of the negative results of media saturation in the public. This is because people tend to lose their sense of empathy on other individuals. Moreover, too much media coverage affects people’s civility and democracy; factors that are essential for maintenance of a healthy society.

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In conclusion, media are indispensable in every healthy society. Nonetheless, it has adverse effects on the ability to think, democracy, and civility in the public. Therefore, it is imperative that media is used carefully in order to achieve its benefits.

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