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Modern Geometry

Education in its basic sense is a way of opening up an individual to the myriad of opportunities presented by the ever-growing economic market, in its strict sense; it is the weapon against mediocrity and poverty. I am a strong believer of the fact that the tentacles of a good education can go a long way in totally transforming the entire society into a hub of both financial and social success. It is the ultimate tool of opening up an individual’s mind. It is with this regard therefore that I would hereby like to tender my interest of using my expertise in modern geometry when working as a pharmacist. This is because I suppose that a society that has education is a successful society; its members should be educated to make them independent with adaptability to their challenges.

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When I look back to my high school geometry right, it is true that a triangle is the strongest geometric shape. This is because triangular shapes are not likely to be buckled without changing the length of its sides. For me, a successful pharmacist requires to utilize his/her knowledge of geomety since learning about geometry enables us to understand what angles really are. In that regard, I believe that triangle is the emblematic of three vital elements that guarantees the success of a pharmacist. The three emblematic elements are customer care, patient care, and job contentment.

Today, even though the role of a pharmacist has been reduced, it is worth taking into consideration the three elements of a triangle. Producers of medications pack most dosage forms and the essential role played by the pharmacist is redistribution of medications, which is a clinical aspect of pharmaceutical care. In fact, the role of the pharmacy technician is rapidly growing since they are taking more of dispensing functions. Numerous pharmacy technicians are doing extemporaneous compounding of medications. However, a pharmacist needs to have a doctorate of pharmacy degree. This is achievable via learning pharmacy degree programs that mandate a bachelor’s degree for admission. Others consider having a pre-pharmacy major of at least two years. After completing a specific level course in science and math, I believe that I can use my knowledge of geometry appropriately when I become a pharmacist. Three-year experience in algebra, geometry, and calculus are some of the areas that are vital in becoming pharmacist. To that point, I suppose I have the ability to serve customers, care for patients, and be satisfied in my career.

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Some of the qualities that go handy with what I have learnt are that becoming a successful pharmacy technician requires being observant, alert, dedicated, organized, and above all responsible, these are some of the qualities or traits that I possess. I also believe that pharmacy technicians must be willing and cable of taking or accepting directions. This allows them to enjoy precise work since they work in an area that sometime is characterized by life and death.

I believe that modern geometry is vital in efforts of becoming an efficient pharmacy technician. Most importantly, this will act as a stepping-stone for me as it would give me a chance to join your well-regarded Physicians Assistant Programme. I am a very passionate, hardworking, and committed individual from a very humble background who appreciates the fact that the value of education is through giving back to the society. I strongly believe that an opportunity to utilize the knowledge I have in geometry will not only go a long way in helping me achieve my career goal but expose me to a challenging environment coupled with the necessary experience from various people within the field. I have the desire of fully utilizing my potential as a Chemistry studies graduate. However, this is only achievable through engaging in extensive research and practical work that will espouse my knowledge as well as improve my job performance and satisfaction.

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When I was taking Chemistry studies, I held a philosophy that “To bridge the gap in knowledge, one must work hard.” In addition to catching up with the program, I was working 30 hours a week to support my family and myself financially. As always, it is a bit challenging to go to school and work at same time. As I did in the past when I was in school, I am planning to reduce my learning hours and give more focus on serving the community by employing the knowledge I have in the Chemistry and geometry to serve the society passionately.

Working at several nursing homes and unity hospital gave me solid background and skills needed to become an exceptional Pharmacist. As result, I came to realize that I could have bigger impact on patients’ lives by becoming a pharmacy practitioner. Further, appreciating, and understanding diversity plays critical role in today’s patient care hence I have confidence that I can contribute in this vital area when I become a pharmacist. Saving lives is my biggest priority because loved ones are not separated and communities become healthier.

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In addition, since extemporaneous compounding of ointments and creams oftentimes involves the use of various tools in mixing, the key to a homogenous mixture is employing such tools appropriately and to incorporating the method of Geometric Dilution. Geometric dilution is a process that is used in preparation of all creams or ointments. In some cases, I have also learnt that due to time constraints or various practitioners in the pharmacy setting disregard geometry knowledge and in such circumstances, mixing of geometric dilution occurs arbitrarily. This kind of misconduct is likely to result in gritty and scattered powder that fails to blend in the ointment being used in attending to clientele. Non-homogenous mixtures not only affect pharmacologically therapeutic measures, but can also cause serious topical skin reactions. It is, therefore, important to take into consideration two of the most critical steps in compounding any pharmaceutical product. These stems are accurate calculation and measurement of the constituent ingredients of the formulation in an apt manner. In order to carry out such essential functions, the pharmacy technician must have a effective knowledge of the metric system, quantity, and percentages. Such knowledge is important to a pharmacy technician since it helps in solving almost all extemporaneous compounding computations precisely.

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(Insert the name of the school you attended) is one of the great schools that provide the educational needs to many communities. Furthermore, it produces many committed health professionals each year who meet and exceed the medical needs of our community. Pharmacy practitioner is my passion. It suits my personal interests and fits my sincere concern for others. It can give me an opportunity to impact lives of others by providing exceptional patient care while ensuring their safety. With my ambitions, determination and genuine desire to help others, I hope that this discussion presents my personal interest of using the knowledge I have in modern geometry in the field of pharmacy technician. This information confirms that I am suitable to offer my services to the community without prejudice and bias. The knowledge I have in geometry and chemistry is likely to help the society if I incorporate the sense of commitment and numerous qualities I mentioned earlier.

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