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New York State Museum

The Museum, which is located in Albany, New York, is a research backed institution. It was founded in 1836 in which was known as the New York State Geological and Natural History Survey. It later changed its name to New York State Museum of Natural History in 1870, being foreseen by the trusteeship of the regents of eth State University. In 1976, the museum was moved to the Empire State Plaza from its original State Education building. There are several things that one gets to learn when in the museum, and which might involve a person background, their origin and way of life. Such a scenario is offered to visitors who take time to visit New York State Museum.

Characteristics of the Museum

First Floor: Most of the exhibitions encountered at the museum are located in these floors. Several art collections are exhibited as a result of the galleries and halls which are present in this floor. The Museum Theater on the other hand, is characterized with holding lectures as well as presentations on a weekly basis. The floor also houses a student centre which is situated near the main lobby of the museum.

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Second Floor: The floor houses youth and education services and is not widely accessed by the general public.

Third Floor: Most of the offices in this floor contain the operations of the staff charged with maintain the museum as well as the Division of Research and Research. The Exhibits Division also has an office on this floor.

Fourth Floor: The café area of the museum is located in the fourth floor. Visitors can as well ride through the centre through a functioning carousel that was built between 1912 and 1916.

Apart from the details indicated above, the Museum is also known to reflect the State of New York’s cultural, natural and geological development through the art, artifacts and ecofacts present in the building. The first four floors of the State Education Building houses the nation’s oldest and largest state museum. It is also popular for its New York State Archives and the New York State Library.

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Significance of the Museum


One important aspect of visiting the Museum is to observe the extensive research that remains available, thanks to the great works of several scientists and historians. They continue to coordinate several projects in history, geology, anthropology and biology among others. It is very important when gets into the building to learn and get adequate information about the cultural as well as the natural history of the city of New York. Furthermore, one gets to understand the history of the world that continues to be updated on a daily basis.

The results of substantive research are usually presented through publications and scholarly articles. Students and those aiming to get more insight can therefore venture in the several professional meetings, exhibitions and in public programs that usually take place at the Museum. Several people can ask on how one can be able to participate in the research projects present in the Museum. This is uplifted through undertaking internship modules, through volunteer opportunities as well as research associates.

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How can one be able to address the issues that surround the natural and human heritage of New York City? The answer can be through the various collections present in the Museum. The data present in here offers managers with an opportunity to make wise decision on matters concerning the economy as well as the public well being. As a learning opportunity, the site offers the possibility to make wise decisions on how the natural resources are located, an assessment of environmental impacts and the changes that involve the environment. The various collections also form the background of the programs and exhibitions placed in the Museum.

A way of Interaction

It is only by visiting an area that one gets to know how artist can become part of creating a world of peace and interaction. There are different programs at the New York State Museum that enables different people to interact freely with each other.

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1st Friday at the State Museum

The Albany’s signature cultural event that takes place every first Friday of the month can be a perfect way of involving people participation. For instance, the signature cultural event involves a showcasing of exhibits from the City’s Museums, the galleries and non-traditional art venues. The main purpose of these interactions is usually geared towards ensuring that a wide dimension of audience can access the vitality of the artist and the several venues that they engage in. Art work in New York City is made accessible through the first Friday signature cultural event.

Cooking Demonstrations

There are foods that are consumed in some cultural settings that might not be easily understood by other cultures. The Museum offers an opportunity to learn and understand why people prefer taking some food rather than others. For instance, the anniversary of the 202nd anniversary of Charles Darwin was an important occasion where the audience got to learn about the evolution of domestic food. It was a great opportunity for us to know how the scientific perspectives on the main ingredients affected our mental and physical health and well being. The way in which people are ignorant of why a particular community or people love eating this type of food is eradicated through the education offered at the Museum.

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Earth day

It is rare to get people talking about how they can be engaged in conserving the environment. A walk through the museum opened our sight in April in which we were reminded of the need to protect of our environment through the Earth day 2010. As part of the venture, one gets to learn about environmental skills and the steps one can take in preserving the environment. This involved learning about how to use manufactures left over material to perfect the world of art.

Inspirational Music

Thursdays at the Museum is usually a day when people are invited to play as well as listen to invigorating dance music. Listening to the music is also a part of the way people get to understand the significance of music in our daily life.

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New York in Bloom

This is another opportunity in which the students in Albany City have the chance to discover and explore as well as challenge themselves through the educational enrichment program.

Changes that should be made

In remembrance of the victims who lost their lives during the 9/11 attack in the United States, the Museum should erect a remembrance site at the venue that ensures people are in touch with their friends and relatives who have gone. The site can also be used to host the annual commemorations of the attack in honor of the victims and their relatives.

More artists should also come up with peace emblems that reflect the true identity of the American people as they yearn to create an environment of peace. Changes as reflected in the programs, should allow for people to exchange ideas and views on how to collaborate in eradicating cultural differences and promote an atmosphere of cultural interactions in which people are given opportunity to learn and interact freely with other cultures and their beliefs

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Museums are a place that offers opportunities for growth. As a result, New York State Museum should take this opportunity to enhance the interaction between different groups and factions as they promote a world of peace. Changes should also be effected at the site that will bring together relatives, friends and the entire nation to reflect on those who lost their lives at the World Trade center’s as heroes through their emblems and names engraved at the Museum.

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