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Plastic Surgery

Why do so many people choose plastic surgery? This is a million questions which ordinary people ask one another. The world today is a haven of technology which dictates the incredible advances in medicine. The main reason as to why people turn to plastic surgery is to uplift their public confidence as well as make them feel better of themselves. They tend to feel that those who have gone out of their way to alter the diet and exercise tend to feel happy about their mental and health state.

It is true, that not everyone is born perfect; others are haunted by the marks that occur in their body during their childhood years and later stages of adolescence. The defects people get in their bodies makes them unattractive. Such situations presents the people with an opportunity of attracting attention and at times ridicule. Such a situation causes problems that might range to social or even employment opportunities. So which is the easy way out? The only escape route that they suggest out of this misery is plastic surgery.

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There are job markets that require people to be attractive. One perfect example of the job industry is entertainers, models and others of highly visible careers. Those involved in this type of industry are known to turn to plastic surgery so as to improve on their overall aesthetics. One factor that can contribute to being successful in such an industry is ones appearance and this has increased the number of people who have uplifted their look through plastic surgery so as to win over the industry. Looking attractive in business is part of job investment which should never be underestimated and they will do anything possible to maintain their status.

Another reason as to why people are aligned to plastic surgery is due to social pressure which leads them to cosmetic surgery. Social pressure among the youth who tease each other as a result of one’s defect prompts individual to change their appearance so as to be acceptable in the society. Several teens look unto plastic surgery as the only option available to them that can ensure that they fit into the groups involving peers and friends. Aging on the other hand tends to distinguish an individual from others and in order to stand up with the crowd, adults consider plastic surgery.

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Plastic surgery is common among both genders. For instance, people with gynecomastia among male and which continue to persist through life seek the services through reduction surgery. For those who have problems with their birthmarks, laser treatment is usually seen as a perfect way of eradicating the tissue from their body. Laser treatment will therefore lessen the appearance of the birthmark which does not augur well for their interactions with others. It is worth noting that people turn to plastic surgery so as to feel good on the way they look. This can therefore range from life saving to life changing situation which if not taken with caution, can lead to severe consequences.

Some of the well known effects of plastic surgery are that it leads to complications. One can be in a position of getting infection through surgery if they are susceptible and vulnerable. There are high chances of getting an infection while undergoing surgery. The possibility of death cannot be ruled out during surgery. The use of several chemicals as well as equipments might not be conducive for the person’s body. A person can be pronounced dead under surgery due to blood pressure or heart attack. Despite the fact that we go for plastic surgery to improve on our looks, it can lead to permanent damages through imperfect results. The image resulting from plastic surgery might be worse compared to the previous. The process is costly, might result in slow healing and ins some cases, the person might be addicted in which they will want changes in the whole body.

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