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The Impact of Americanization on the World

The phrase Americanization has a different meaning to various people. Some argue it is an invasion of American values, cultures and violence that in most cases is depicted and overestimated in Hollywood movies. Others argue it is the cultural, political economic and social domination of the United States which is the world superpower. According to Friedman & Thomas, (1998) Americanization is a word used outside the United States to describe the impact and influence of the U.S on the culture, politics, business practices and technology of other countries. This expression has been used since the early 1900. Within the United States this phrase often refers to the procedure of acculturation by settlers to American customs. Columnists at times give the phrase "Americanization" a negative implication since they see it as a negative broad American influence in several countries, and may fear the fear the trouncing of local traditions and customs (Ron 2001).

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America population has been increasing and it needed more land. American settlers started migrating past Appalachian Mountains and at this point they were getting close to river Mississippi (Zachary& Pascal, 2000). People started immigrating to America and brought diverse cultures with them. These distinct cultures made a mix bowl of diverse cultures that eventually became American. This was evident in features such as language and communication. English language was what was initially brought by the initial colonists, but other people coming from Scotland, Ireland and other European countries. These distinct languages incorporated English along with other words from these new cultures.

In general the term Americanization in most of the time no more than a supposition concerning the foundation of cultural morals and values (language, clothing and food) that mostly comes from United States which may be wrong. It is applied arbitrarily within other countries media to tag collection of factors which are seen to be a threat to the national personality. This derogatory use of Americanization sees countries outside the United States to be adopting cultural values and social practices that are derived from the United States. Ron (2001) states that television has, without any uncertainty, gained more people awareness from Americanization critics on media globalization more than any other more than any sphere e.g. language and fashion.

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According to Zachary &Pascal (2000) the early 1970s experienced the climax in the Americanization of popular culture which was calculated by the percentage of American stuff transmitted to the world. Most forecaster analysis's now are in agreement that most of the world's television scheduled is taken upon with imports, with United States controlling most of the commercial channels and Britain programs having the huge mass of overseas material broadcast by ACB (Zachary &Pascal 2000). In what is almost certainly the most methodical comparison of worldwide flows, for instance Tapio Varis in its analysis reported that Australia has declined from 57% of imported programmes from united states to 40% in 1993, however the fraction of imported programs at the key time was to some extent higher than 45. United States programs do certainly lead the world in supplying and even dominating in many of the world countries television programs; they are often the most common programs where watchers have a list of options of produced material from which to choose.

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Over the past decades, capitalism in America has quickly taken over the entire universe. Even in the main communist's countries of Russia and china American culture has greatly invaded. In china today the youth prefer watching American Dream Park which has a lot of American culture attraction rather than watching Chinese films, Russia has also been having a share of the American culture in many of its day to day activities (Schlender & Brent 2004). Canada is also having great problems with Americanization as many of United Nations companies are now in control of the Canadian industry; this has caused many of the people to wonder for how long United States will dominate Canada markets. This goes without the question of why Americanization is evident in today's society.

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Despite this recent course in American culture all over the world, a few nations such as Germany and France are making essentials strategies to slow down Americanization (Snyder &Tim, 1999). By increasing tariffs and taxes on foreign investors and companies, these companies are making it difficult for American companies profit hugely abroad. Also in Israel, a cultural revolt is now taking place. For example Israeli government, in an effort to decrease Americanization, it has made it mandatory for the every radio station to have a schedule in which it can play Hebrew songs. These are only the exemptions to the regulation of American globalization, although Americanization is currently in a complete swing and sees no end in nearby future, mainly because many Americans identify it as a huge achievement.

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An appealing fact is that the America has its own cultural, it should also be renowned that the US has similarly absorbed different traditions and cultures and traditions. The idea of Americanization should not be overlooked but rather incorporated as an ingredient of the cultural assimilation of the globe leading towards globalization (Snyder &Tim, 1999).

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