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Death of a Sales Man

In the play the death of a sales man we can see the author putting a use of various writing skills to invoke various thought and mood in to the hearts and minds of the readers. Arthur miller makes use of a blend of two contrasting literal style; realism and expressionisms to bring out a true and real life picture of the world in his on thoughts. The use of these literal skills can be seen through the whole play.

Realism can be defined as the quest of a writer to reproduce the surface appearance of normal people's life in a day to day life situation (Kennedy 1999). In general realism is a normal situation that people living normal lives can easily relate to using their own life experiences. This literal style is very dominant in the play in the writer tends to bring out real world problems that affect almost all individuals. Problems like lack of money and conflicts within the family are problems that many can relate to their own lives.

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In the book Loman do everything in his ability to try better the lives of his children to an extent of end his own life in order to achieve this quest. The realistic situation that individuals can relate to in the play is the lack of money by Loman. This is because the family has many purchases on credit that had to be paid. Linda Lowman's wife can be quoted saying "for the vacuum cleaner there's three and a half due on the fifteenth" (Miller 1650).

The Lowman's family was seen to live from hand to mouth literally since Loman would come home after having made a considerate amount of sales and tell the wife of how much he had made and the wife would remind him of the amount they owed and required to pay. This fact overwhelmed Loman and he could be heard saying "My God, if business don't pick up I don't know what I'm gonna do!" (1650). Many people in the current world today go through a lot of financial constrains, they live from one paycheck to another, they are constantly paying overdue bills and credits this basically show a good example of realism in the play.

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In the current world situation most individuals have to deal with problems and conflicts within their family in their entire life. No character in the play was an exemption this situation in the play. Biff a character in the play viewed that success in life was being happy but on the other hand Willy viewed success as having money and achieving power. Biff in the play discovers that he is "a dime a dozen" but his parents especially his father could not really accept the reality of what biff was. This situation is very common in many families today in that many parent tend to tailor make their children lives to what they think is best for them without considering their children opinion and traits. In the play Biff and hap are doing what they wanted to do in life but their father will not accept this fact. Biff spends a really large part of his life trying to make his father happy but finally discovers that this was not possible he was simply what he was. This visual symbol is seen where the two engage in conversations that generally head to one of them being agitated

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The biggest reality in this play can be seen by how much Willy loves his children and how much he wanted to improve their lives to become better than his own. Willy did his best to raise his children the best way he could. The writer brings about a character Ben into the play while Willy is trying to make the decision to better the lives of his boys. Ben make the decision that will is to make to look very difficult. Willy finally decides to kill himself so that his some Biff could start his own business using the insurance money that would be paid out to them. This is a clear description of the extents many parents go in order to better the lives of their children.

During the whole play the writer takes us through a feel of reality trough the problems that Loman is going through. The author of the play tries his level best to relate to the common all.

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The author did not use much of emotionalism in the play this is generally because he wanted to bring out reality in the play and relate it to the current life situation. Through this elaborate use of visual symbols in the play. Though there is a mold use of emotionalism in the play for example the emotions that are aired by Loman about his will to own a house in a prime area. This basically pulls him away from his current poor finance position. In addition the fact that he killed himself with a thought that his son will benefit from the insurance money is a typical view of emotionalism.

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