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Great Expectations

The novel great expectations, by Charles dickens is the story of Pip, who whilst growing up as an orphan, encounters lots of different people including the fearsome Magwich, an escaped convict, the eccentric Miss Havisham, who lives in her unused wedding dress, and the beautiful but spiteful Estella. After an unknown benefactor makes Pip a wealthy gentleman, his life is turned around." With pip as the first person narrator of his own story as well as the protagonist, he best enumerates the events of his life that mold him since he was a 7-year-old child up to his mid-thirties.all the thoughts and observations are limited to him hence he becomes involved with a broad range of classes, from criminals like Magwith to the extremely rich like Miss Havisham. Pip has great ambition, as demonstrated constantly in the book.

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The main theme of the novel is pip's expectations to improve his lot in life he is an orphan forced to live with his cruel sister, and her blacksmith husband, Joe. Pip and Joe are good friends, and are both abused by Pip's sister. Pip never escapes the day without being beaten for one small thing or another by his sister who believes that Pip is spoiled and that she is protecting his well being. His life is truly unhappy. That is, until he is called to work for a lady named Miss Havisham. While he was working, he stumbled upon two escaped and starving convicts. He is frightened into providing food for them. However, frightened or not, one of the convicts never forgets his "kindness." Years later, Pip receives word that he has come into a fortune from an unknown benefactor.

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Pip goes to London to seek his fortune and finds himself steadily climbing the socioeconomic ladder enjoying "great expectations". In the final parts of the book, the convict is captured, injured, and dies, therefore his fortune was seized by the government leaving Pip penniless and in great debt hence returning to his poverty. The main moral of the story is that wealth cannot bring happiness and appearances can misrepresent reality.When Pip visits Sati's House, everything contradicts what Pip's definition of rich is. Magwith the convict turns out to bea compassionate man who works hard to give "expectations" to Pip in return for his kindness.

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