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Hills Like White Elephants

'Hill like White Elephants' is a story of a man named as the American and a woman who the man refers to as Jig. The American and Jig are in a train station taking some beer as they wait for a train to Madrid. The story revolves around an operation to be done on Jig which the American refers to it as a simple and perfect operation. Since the subject of the story is directed towards Jig, then for the purpose of this review, Jig will be referred to as the main character.

As the story begins, Jig is happy and she does not look as if she has something disturbing or worrying her. She seems like a person who has a carefree attitude and enthusiastic about her life. This is so because, as the story begins, Jig asks the American, "What should we drink?" She then goes ahead and suggests that they drink beer. As they drink their beer, Jig is keen watching the nearby scenery. She says, "They look like white elephants." This shows that Jig's attention had been captured by the nearby scenery and she seems to enjoy it. This is evidence when she says, "I was being amused, I was having a fine time." Also when she continues to admire the hills by saying, "they're lovely hills."

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Suddenly, when the American starts to talk about the operation, Jig's lively and carefree attitude changes. She does not seem amused by the subject. For a moment, they engage in an argument about the operation but finally, although reluctantly, Jig agrees to take the operation. However, her state of mind seem to be affected by her decision when she says, "I don't care about me." As the story ends, it is clear that she is not okay, a thing that she tries to hid from the American by wearing a fake smile.

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