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Othello, the moor of Venice is a tragedy play according to Kolin pg 45 that was written by William Shakespeare. This tragedy is believed to have been written in early 1600 by Cinthio. It is from an Italian short story "Un Capitano Moro" which means a Moorish captain. The story is built around four character namely; Othello who was a Moorish general in the army of Venetia, his wife Desdemona, Cassio who was his lieutenant general as well as his trusted ensign Iago(Wangh, Michael 210).

This play covers various themes in pursuit of conveying its message. Some of the themes that have made it more pronounced are theme of love, betrayal, racism and jealousy (Shakespeare, William pg 24). This has made it venture mostly in professional and community theatres as well as being famous in various opera films and has largely been literally adapted.

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According to McMillin, & Shakespeare pg 12, Othello is a highly respected general in Venice. Iagos was Othello's friend who was very ambitious. However, Iago became very jealous as Othello promotes Michael Cassio to a position of lieutenant general disregarding him (Rees, John pg176). Therefore, Iago decided to start wicked and evil campaign towards Othello. Thereafter, Othello elopes with Desdemona while Iago started plotting them. This made without realizing Othello suspected Desdemona as he became envious over her. Therefore, he decided to confide to Iago according to EA Snow pg 1506, without knowing that he was plotting him.

He told him that he wanted to poison Desdemona. Othello plotted her wife's murder. To accomplish his mission, he returned to castle where he smothered her to death. After killing her, he realized that it was just a scheme from Iagos for her wife to appear bad as Emilia told him (Neill, Michael 692). Due to this, Othello was very vaccinated by the whole issue making him to wound Iago and afterwards committing suicide. The story ends with Iago noting that Emilia has betrayed him thus killing him.

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