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Passage Analysis

Literature allowed the readers to use their imagination and exercise their creativity. In doing so, they were able to apply what they knew and the images they had perceived all their lives. Hence it was a reflective process. On the other hand, the film gave them the information directly illustrated and described. It gave them visual stimulation that gave little room for imagination and for the viewers to exercise their creativity. This was the case in North America, the novel gave the readers the opportunity to explore their creativity and apply what they knew. Star Wars emerged at the time when the World Wars were happening. This resulted in them creating technologically advanced weapons and equipment. In Star Wars, the greatest difference is that the novel highlighted the characters emotions more vividly compared to the film. Also, the novel gave them brief histories about minor characters where the film could not. This allowed the readers to relate better with the characters. Another difference is that the film exaggerated some parts and altered others. For example when the storm troopers capture Leia she kills two of them but the film only highlights that she killed one storm trooper. Another example is when the novel indicates that Luke’s land speeder has a closed cockpit while the movie shows the cockpit as an open one. These differences aroused confusion amongst the readers and viewers. However, the novel generally gives lengthier details than the film which gives a shorter version of things despite the fact that the plot is the same. Interpretation of the novel was based on individual understanding of the literature. Different people came up with different versions of the story depending on how far they could stretch their imagination. This resulted in the rising of a more creative generation.

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The story begins with Leia losing her home when Alderaan is attacked by Grand Moff Tarkin. The attack was caused by the loss of the plans for the Death Star. It was believed that Leia had them and so she was captured and held captive in the Death Star until Luke Skywalker and Han Solo rescued her. The three became close. With time she developed feelings for Han but she carefully suppressed them. Leia soon became one of the leaders of the Rebel Alliance. She was obsessed with destroying the Empire and this hindered her from revealing her true feelings to Han until it was almost too late. She is depicted as courageous, level headed and sharp tongued. When Han is captured by Jabba, Leia was determined to go and rescue him. Unfortunately, she is also captured by Jabba and forced to dress in a revealing harem contrary to her modest way of dressing. When Luke launches a surprise attack on Jabba, Leia seized the opportunity to strangle Jabba to death with her chains. This showed her as a daring and opportunistic person. All through the story, she was depicted as unpredictable as she always did the unexpected. Towards the end, we learn that Leia had the potential to become a Jedi. Her devotion to her duties in the rebellion was her most defining characteristic. Hence, she symbolized female empowerment.

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