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The Black Cat and The Tell-Tale Heart


A merciless action cannot be damped. Nevertheless, if merciless actions are about killing animate, then in return it will bear the same cruel reactions for sure. According to the universal rules, the human beings are sent on earth for love, care and peace. If someone breaks the universal rules made by the God. Then, one should know that he/she has not break the universal rule but actually beaten himself like tit for tat.

Two stories "The black cat" and "The tell-tale heart" by one writer Edger Allan Poe have revealed the above defined fact in an effective manner. Both stories contains same theme about merciless human acts, dumping them and eventual reveal of fact, but, quite differently portrayed.

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The black cat:

The black cat is story about a man who loves animals. From many pets he loves black cat very much, black cat also so much attached to him. However, human psychological frustration played the role and some unconscious thoughts made that man nasty. He eventually killed his loved one black cat. He then, realizes his action in a sensible way but the time has gone, he already had performed a cruel act. Hence, a lame excuse released his guilt. But, he actually is a guilty of killing the animate for which he should pay the price for sure.

The God has arranged gallows for him and he found a cat similar like his loved one with a white patch on his chest like gallows. He took the cat to his home. One day, the cat trips him down the stairs due to that the man grabs an axe and tries to kill the cat. His wife stopped him by doing this, he with full of anger killed his wife instead of cat. After that he concealed the dead body into a wall. Police comes for investigation and heard a voice of pain and tear and then finds the corpse of his wife. The police detained him as a killer. Therefore, he eventually gets the return of his actions means tit for tat ("Poestories: An exploration of short stories by Edgar Allan Poe").

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The tell-tale heart:

"The tell-tale heart" contains similar theme like "The black cat". However, the plot is different. In this story, the narrator lives with an old man who is so dear to him but his eyes does not impress the narrator. One night, the narrator is busy with his rituals, simultaneously; old man awoke and sat on his bed. The narrator decides to open his lantern and put the light into the bad looking eyes of old man. The old man gets horrified having that much light in his eyes and his heart beat became faster with horror. Then, the narrator decides to attack old man and he killed the old man with smothering. The narrator dismembers old man's body and concealed them under the floorboard.

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Eventually police comes and investigates the matter. Suddenly, narrator feels that old man is breathing fast and the police men also knew the fact that he concealed the body under the floorboard. He suddenly confesses the murder of old man and told the police men tear up the floorboard to reveal the body ("Poestories: An exploration of short stories by Edgar Allan Poe").

Similarities between two stories:

It can be witnessed that the same theme is the biggest similarity between the two stories. Both stories are portrayed in same manner with same theme. The theme they have is about human kind's ruthless behavior and unkind actions which eventually gives loss to the sinned. The enraged human nature with the cruel actions has been pictured in both of the stories. At the end of each story the climax is same as well; both of the stories end up on the same note that if someone commits merciless actions then he/she will be given the same in return. The tit for tat is being exampled in both of the stories.

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Differences between two stories:

As one can witness the only difference between the two stories is each story has different characters and different story line. By elaborating it, the story line of "The black cat" starts with an animal murder and end up at a human murder with the theme of tit for tat. On the other hand, "The tell-tale heart" starts with human and ends at the human death. Therefore, in fact, both of them are with same theme with the characters and the story line difference.

Writing style:

By examining two stories of Edger Allan Poe, his writing style can be determined as straightforward. However, the realism presented in both of the stories make it clear that writer has very deep understanding of universal truths and universal rules. The God is great and his ruling and will is full and final. The concept of God presence and elaboration of tit for tat in his stories has been presented excellently. Therefore, his writing style is simple and deeply influential.

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