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The Painted Door by Sinclair Ross

The short story by Sinclair Ross, The Painted Door is a story of love gone sour and as Bryan Adams sings I will die for you, it ends with the death of John after the actions of his wife Ann. The story took place in a location that is in a farm that is isolated; the closest neighbor to the farm is Steven who lives about two miles from the farm. Just as the farm is isolated, the isolation is more intensified by the author in the story because of the terrible now storm taking place. In the story it is clear that it is in scenarios where individual are going through strong emotions like desperation, fear or loneliness as is the case in the story, that individuals are able to show what their true characters is.

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John who lives in the isolated farm with his wife Ann, decides to brave the horrible weather and decides to visit his father who lives a distance from the farm. She leaves Ann alone but finds it wise on his way to inform Steven to go and spent time with his wife as they play cards. John seems to be a very hardworking man as Ann feels to be very lonely as she has a feeling that she receives no company from her husband John as John works all day, even in days that he is not supposed to work. Since John works very hard, he rarely talks to his wife as he comes home exhausted from working and all he can do is to eat and sleep.

Ann keeps feeling lonely and begins to show negativity towards her husband. It is clear that Ann cannot be able to do what John can do as she is unable to take care of the livestock because of the weather. This means that John works very hard including putting his life at risk like by working during snow storm for him to support the two of them as he loved his wife. But Ann shows no appreciation and betrays his husband by being sexually unfaithful to the husband with a friend who his husband had sent to keep her company.

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As Ann and Steven were having an affair John sees everything and dies from the cold outside of the house. The white paint that was on John's dead hand represent the feeling of betrayal, regret hurt and hopelessness that he might have felt on seeing the actions of Ann and John. Just as Bryan Adams sings, John dies because of the love that he felt for his wife.

John trusts his wife too much to an extent that he leave her behind in the comfort and care of his friend Steve. The love that he have towards his wife is later betrayed when he finds his wife in bed with Steve. On the other hand Brian Adams appreciates the love he has to his lover and it seems that she appreciates his efforts too 'and no other could give more love ,there is no where unless you are there'. This contrasts with the way John finally realizes that there was someone who could substitute him.

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'Take me as I am, take my life'. Brian Adams says. He want his lover to appreciate the much he is and nothing more. John wish is to stretch his efforts a bit far to impress his wife. He seems to be a very hardworking man as he works all day, even in days that he is not supposed to work and comes home exhausted from working and all he can do is to eat and sleep. It's a pity that eventually John freezes to death as his wife was warmly having with only man that he trusted. This was his final reward from his wife: Death. Brian Adams song has a happy ending with an assurance that whatever the girl had in mind was true. Ya its true, everything you do I will do it for you'In Brian Adams, he feels contented of the love, the happiness and sweetness of love. But john spent all his life trying to impress his wife.

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