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Functions of Management

Management is defined as the procedure in which individuals encourage others to achieve a common goal. To be a successful manager, one must not fail at any of the four roles or their team will not achieve its common goals. The functions of managers include, planning, organizing, leading and controlling. These functions provide a very useful structure for organizing management knowledge. (Dale, 1969)

Planning is the initial tool of the four functions in the management procedure. The difference between a flourishing and unsuccessful manager lies inside the planning procedure. Planning is the rational thinking through objectives and making the resolution as to what needs to be accomplished in order to arrive at the organizations' objectives. Managers use this method to plan for the future, like a proposal to foresee problems, decide on the measures to evade complicated issues and to thrash the competition. Planning is the first step in administration and is vital as it makes easy control, valuable in choice making and in the evasion of business wreck (Dale, 1969).

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In order to reach the aim outlined in the planning course, configuring the work of the organization is a very important concern. The function of an organization arrangement is to help in making an environment for human performance. It is, then, an administration tool and not an end of and in itself. Although the structure has to define the responsibilities to be carried out, the roles so recognized, must also be calculated in the light of the capabilities and enthusiasms of the people available. Organization is a matter of assigning individuals to responsibilities or assignments that combine together to develop one principle, to achieve the goals. These goals will be attained in agreement with the company's standards and procedures. An administrator must be acquainted with their subordinates and what they are competent of in order to organize the most important assets a company has, its employees. This is attained through administration staffing the work sector, setting up the teaching for the employees, purchasing resources, and systematizing the work group into a fruitful team. The manager must then go over the tactics with the team, break the coursework into units that one individual can complete, link interrelated jobs together in a comprehensible well-organized fashion and assign the jobs to individuals (Koontz & Weihrich, 2006).

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Organizational success is decided by the quality of leadership that is exhibited. A leader can always be a manager, but on the contrary, a manager is not essentially a leader. Leadership is the authority of influence of one individual over others to motivate actions towards realizing the goals of the business. Those in the management roles must be able to motivate or influence workers to an eminent goal and direct themselves to the obligations and responsibilities allotted during the planning course. Leadership engrosses the interpersonal traits of a manager's position that comprises of communication and very close contact with team affiliates (Dale, 1969). All managers would be in agreement that their most important troubles arise from people - their needs and feelings, their behaviors as persons and in groups - and those successful managers also need to be efficient leaders. Since leadership involves followership and people have a tendency to follow those who offer a way of satisfying their own needs, desires and wishes it is logical that leading engrosses motivation, leadership approaches and styles, and communication (Koontz & Weihrich, 2006).

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The course that warranties plans are being put into practice appropriately is the controlling process. Controlling is defined as the final connection in the functional sequence of management actions and brings the cycle of functions of management to full circle. This permits the performance standard inside the group to be laid down and communicated. Control allows for simplicity of delegating errands to team members and as managers may be held responsible for the presentation of subordinates, they may be wise to expand timely feedback of members of staff's accomplishments (Koontz & Weihrich, 2006).

The four functions of management which are, planning, organizing, leading and controlling, suppose a great worth in the achievement of any business each day. In all businesses, each employee's personal input to the success of the company is of vast importance as the company's objectives would not be met and success would not be arrived at if people never operated as a team.

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