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Organizational Management Program

The issue of effective management has gained popularity in modern organizations and business organizations. Modern economies are doing all they can to ensure the excellent management of resources. Organizational management refers to the process of ensuring perfect coordination among employees and other production factors, in order to maximize the efficiency and production (Elsbach, 2006). Consequently, modern workforces and students are enrolling in organizational management courses, in order to increase their knowledge in management. Organizational Management program is an academic program whereby individuals learn new skills on how to improve organizational management thereby improving management efficiency and performance (Elsbach, 2006).

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During my Organizational Management Program, the most relevant courses that I have undertaken include the following:

  1. MGT 380- in this course I have studied several leadership styles in organization. The course has also enabled me to acquire skills that are crucial for the effective organizational leadership and in personal enterprise to ensure the maximum production. The course has empowered me with knowledge to make personal and professional decisions. I have used knowledge and skills acquired in this course to improve my leadership skills in my workplace where I am in charge of a group of ten workmates.
  2. MGT 450-this course emphasizes on organizational strategic planning. In this course I have learned several management planning models, techniques and how to apply them in business situations. Knowledge captured in this course is basically about the strategic planning and strategic management. I have used knowledge achieved in this course to plan my work at workplace and this has improved my performance greatly.
  3. MGT 415- in this course I learned about the impacts of small groups on team functioning and organizational effectiveness. The course gave more focus on the group productivity, decision making, diversity, group communication and how to resolve group conflicts in an organization. Generally, during this course I gathered relevant information on both positive and negative impacts of groups in an organization. I use knowledge achieved in this course to promote the teamwork at my workplace and this has improved the efficiency and my job is much easier and lively.
  4. COM 435- this course was concerned with the role of communication and how it can be used to create an effective and ethical organizational environment. This course helped me to improve my personal communication skills, thereby improving my self-awareness, intrapersonal efficacy, intrapersonal competence, leadership skills and team work skills among others. I have used knowledge achieved in this course to improve my communication and relationship with my workmates and supervisors at my workplace.
  5. SOC 402-This course has presented an analysis of the main contemporary social issues, especially in the USA. Attention was given to the issues of racism, poverty, sexism, alcohol and drug abuse, illiteracy, and their influence on the modern workplace. Consideration is given to the diverse sociological prospects with regards the consequences, causes, and solutions to these issues. During this course I was able to learn more about the social related factors in business organizations and how they affect the effective management. Knowledge obtained from this cause has enabled me to avoid social problems with my workmates at Raytheon Company.

My personal leadership style is democratic or participative leadership. In this style a leader reasons together with his/her subjects in order to come up with the most suitable decisions. However, the leader maintains the authority to make the final decision. This is the most suitable style of leadership in business organizations, since it makes employees feel like the part of the organization, thereby motivating them to work hard. The style is normally appropriate when a leader (manager) has part of the information and his/her subjects (employees) have other parts. A good organizational decision should reflect the interest of all the stakeholders of the organization in question. For instance, in business organization interests of the organization, management, employees, customers, suppliers, government regulators and other stakeholders should be considered in the decision making. This ensures cooperation among all the employees of the organization to put the decision into practice. It also prevents conflicts with external stakeholders during the implementation of decisions.

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In order to develop the effective team in an organization, all the involved individuals should establish the performance objectives together. There should be a participatory style, whereby all the team members are free to discuss issues and find solutions together. The team should define its objectives clearly in order to focus on contributions. It is important for the whole team to hold meetings where members are encouraged to discuss their concerns. The team should be organized in order to determine the responsibilities of every team member. There should be rules and regulations to run the team. It is also necessary to promote the team responsibility and establish the time commitments in order to achieve goals and objectives of the team.

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Complex business problems can be solved through the proper management and communication. The management should be in a position to attend and solve business problems in order to keep the organization running. Communication is the key to solving the complex business problems, since it facilitates realization of the problem, communication to relevant parties, and determination of the solution through the discussion, and lastly communication of the solution. Communication links the source of the problem with the source of solution in a business organization.

Individual characteristics (behavior) can have both positive impacts and negative impacts on work behaviors and organization effectiveness. If the individual behavior does not reflect the goals and objectives of the organization, it will have negative impacts, whereas if it reflects the goals and objectives of the organization, it will have positive impacts. Social problems have negative impacts on the work place whereby at the individual and group level they lower the performance, result in poor employee relationship, poor communication and poor leadership. At the organizational level, social problems result in low productivity, corruption and poor management, while at the societal level they result in the socially related vices, such as robbery, murder and family breakage among others. General taking the above Organizational Management courses has boosted my performance efficiency both at personal level and at my work place. The program has also improved my leadership and communication skills.

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