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A Lesson Learned

Like most parents, my parents were my first teachers. They taught me many valuable lessons which I learned to incorporate into adulthood. They taught me independence. My dad instilled this value, because he believed, “being independent makes you a responsible adult”. At an early age, I learned how to cook, clean, and help with household chores. I acquired a sense of responsibility in addition to learning to care for myself. At the age of twelve I was employed as a summer camp counselor, Tustin Playground. I earned 125.00 dollars biweekly. My parents instructed me to pay a bordering fee of 25.00 dollars, each pay period.

At that age, I didn’t quite understand. Although my parents meant well, I was dissatisfied with their advice. So when I received my first paycheck I refused to give them the bordering fee. I thought nothing of it and I spent my money buying movies tickets, albums, records and more junk food. My parents assumed I would take their advice seriously. A week later my dad approached me, to pay the bordering fee, and I was charged addition 25.00 dollars. My parents stress to me that I will thank them later in life. They held me accountable and this lesson also taught me the repercussion of irresponsibility.

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Nevertheless, my parents advised me on how to become independent. They coached and assisted me on how to open my first bank account at the PSFS bank. As soon as I received my first paycheck, my dad accompanied me to the bank. I was exposed and shown how to fill out bank deposits, and withdrawal slips. In doing this, I was encouraged to save ten percent of my biweekly gross earnings. Next time I received my paycheck, I paid by first bordering fee and I deposit 25.00 dollars. In addition to saving, I purchased school clothes.

My parents motivate and encourage me to be independent. This learned lesson has made me self sufficient. I was taught and trained to be disciplined. I learned to implement these constructive valuable lessons in adulthood. I am capable of managing my finances and maintain my family home. I have learned valuable lessons throughout my child hood. One of the most greatness’s lessons I am proud to pass on to my children is the lessons my parents imparted to me.

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