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Art and Fear

There are perhaps many things that stir up the feeling of fear inside me. But if asked which of these things I fear the greatest, without blinking an eye, I would say death. It is mostly because I tend to think that with the cessation of life, individuals do not really go to a safe haven as many people insinuate. I think that my fear of death has been relevant to the society since the beginning of mankind. It is this particular fear that influences morality among individuals in the society. If you view it from the religious perspective, many of the world's population are mainly Christians and the scriptures boldly display the results of sinning (of which immorality is one), as being punishable by death.

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I tend to think that my fear of death is very concrete because of the sheer amount of fear that it induces in me. It is almost tangible and this alone makes it very concrete to me. I also believe that the fear of dying is something that we human beings are born with and that for some reason it is always with us, only we choose not to think a lot about it. The very fact that I am afraid to die makes me believe that the fear of death is something very substantial that I can hardly be in control of and neither can I hide from it and this makes it very concrete.

Present By Kay Ruane

This particular piece of drawing is very spectacular. It contains many dimensions and allows the viewer to understand and interpret what is happening inside the drawing itself. The young lady staring kind of longingly at the other seated young lady gives the viewer an emotional approach to the whole drawing. The hanging picture of a man with horses behind him shows difference in time which is also highlighted by the difference in clothing between him and the young lady in the drawing.

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This definition relates to the art itself in the sense that it allows the viewer too realize and connect the happenings win the drawing to real life situations. Apparently from the drawing, the lady appears to be deprived of something maybe freedom which she displays by starring longingly at the other girls who are seemingly at a function, meaning they had the freedom to be there.

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