Custom «Kittens and Puppies and Bunnies, Oh My!» Essay Paper Sample

Kittens and Puppies and Bunnies, Oh My!

Keeping a pet is not a job, or a responsibility, it is simply something one does out of love. The perfect pet is trained and well mannered, well tempered and as domesticated as can be. To build a differentiated store, you should first consider a theme for the store. A differentiated business means that it has a specificity, which can be translated into a theme for the store. For example, designing the entire reception area with pet-items will give the theme of a place where pet-owners can feel at ease. The store should be marketed for its strong points, any flyers or posters should work with the theme designed in the specialization. It is also necessary for a website to be opened for the pet store. This website can have a pet-owners community where people exchange ideas and information. It should also offer prices of pets, and how best to train and take care of them. It can also have the ethics, both legislated and common sense, of taking care of a pet. The customers targeted here are animal-lovers with a thirst for knowledge.

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The pet-store can also offer pet-nanny services for a reasonable fee. The fee should be determined by the type of pet, age and duration it will be looked after. This service will be important to travelling customers, or those who have to travel for a while. Repeat business will only be built through what the Chinese call ‘Gianxi’ or personal relationships with the customers. This is offering the customer the best price, consultation and contacts of veterinarians. Employing individuals with a genuine love for pets will translate into a growth in the connection between customers and the store.

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