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My Future Career


I am a student taking undertaking a Bachelors degree in Business Administration and Management at the Seattle University majoring in Finance. For this reason, as a student in my final year of my higher education I have to look keenly at what I have learnt in class and know the ways in which I can use them. My class acquired skills can be applied to my future career and employment; and at the same time improving the environment in which I am and helping the population around my and the entire world.

Thus, in this paper I am going to go through a sample of questions that might stimulate my thinking for what is important for me to consider when following my future career in the Business and Management field in any organization that I would be associated with immediately I clear my university education; some of the questions are as follows:

1. What are three main goals in my life at this time? How do I hope to achieve them, and why are they so important to me?

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Having graduated as a qualified Finance Officer from Seattle University, I have a number of goals that I have set in order to be the most successful financial manager in the world. Some of the goals that I have set include improving the management skills in my organization, improve the financial out put of the organization and introduce new skills that aim at improving the finance department in my organization.

In order for me to achieve these goals, I have set for myself as a way of guiding me into performing my roles as the financial manager perfectly. First of all, I will provide adequate room for the employees who work with me; this free flow of communication will provide the employees in my department to have an increased amount of communication that may result to the improvement of the organizations finance as all the views from all the employees in the department will be highly welcomed and implemented. The other way that I would fulfill my goals is by motivating my fellow employees into loving their work; this is by introducing  tokens as a way of appreciating there contributions to the company and also providing them with the latest equipments that is required for there work thus improving their work environment (Brigham et al, pg 339).

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These goals are very important to me because I believe that if implemented they will improve the finance department of the organization I am working in. This will also reduce the cases of fraud and miss recording the organizations accounts that will be as a result of irresponsibility and fatigue of the employees.

2. What are my three hopes for the world in the next fifty years? How might I be able to help toward reaching these goals? What obstacles do I fear?

My hopes for the world in the fifty years is to become best financial manager in the world, I am also planning to improve the financial department to be fast, reliable and accurate. I also hope that in the next fifty years I will be in a position to present all my clients with financial assistance at the shortest and reliable time; thus making the people rely and trust the finance department (Accounting Jobs Today, par 5).

I will be able to fulfill these goals in a variety of ways which includes the introducing of new software's that will be more important in helping my follow financial officers to be in a position to fix the financial problems that are in existence. With these implementation in progress I would be able to implement my set goals to be more efficient and sufficient to them. I would also fulfill this goal by attending an MBA (Masters) class this will definitely help me in fulfilling the goal of becoming the most adorable financial manager. By doing this I would eventually be in position to master my financial skills effectively. I would also be in a position to offer my clients with consultancy services in that I would start a firm that will aim at providing my clients with financial experts information (Brigham, et al, p.728).

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There are several obstacles on my way to achieving these goals; this includes lack of finances that I would use in ensuring that I can start my own consultant firm. The other obstacle is the interference from my employer who will not be in a position of allowing the introduction of the new practices ideas effectively.              

3. What has my college education done for me?

a. What are my main methods of learning? How have these changed?

I have several ways of learning new things around me but some of the main methods I use in learning include the use of Research, Personal Observation, Class Work, Peer Education, Instructions and Personal Experience. These have not changed that much this because I still use these methods in learning each and everything new happening around me. This has slightly changed this is because I have increased the rate of concentration in the way I digest all the things that I have learnt.

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b. What are my main interests when I study my major? How have these changed or deepened?

All I wanted ever since I was a young child was to become a rich person and I only knew that being a rich person was associated with being in a position to handle a lot of money and that is what drove me to studying Finance in the university. This notion has completely changed when I started understanding my finance classes, and from the concepts that I learnt in the class I was able to differentiate my thoughts and come up with a clear understanding of what finance really entails. It doesn't entail having lots of money but it entails other major things that concern the use of financial management and operations.       

c. What were the most influential ideas that I learned in class in college? Outside of class?

I have learnt a variety of things ever since is joined the Seattle university to undertake my Bachelors degree, in the class I have been able to learn that for the proper functioning of an organization. The finance /accounts departments should be well structured in order for the organization to operate successfully. Out side the lecture halls I got the opportunity to deal and interact with different kinds of people and this has made it easy for me to interact efficiently with different people. 

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d. What were the most influential classes, teacher, or books? How do they still affect me

I got all my desire inspiration while at the university this is from my teachers, fellow students and some lessons that I studied in class. But most of all I was inspired by a list of books which were the motivators of my studies they include books like "Financial Management: Theory and Practice" by Eugene F. Brigham and Michael C. Ehrhardt and "Financial Management" by I, M Pandey, these are some books that introduced and took me through my sturdy in finance to the extent of becoming what I am at the moment (Accounting Jobs Today, para.7). 

e. What have been my most significant experiences of service or other types of work? How do I hope to carry them on in the future?

I have even learnt on the qualities of a good manager and with this experience it has become apparently clear to me that I can become a good manager, and with this knowledge I can ultimately be in charge of a finance department of any organization. I plan to   implement my duties in future in a variety of ways including the use of my managerial skills in an organization. 

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f. In what other ways has my college experience satisfied me? Challenged me? Disappointed me?

The university has in so many ways improved me from what I was initially and transformed me into becoming a person. I have become more and more understanding, and time conscious in this case the university has ensured that I am a person who knows how to deal with people with different personalities. Thus ensuring that I am in a position of reasoning and being time conscious at the same times (Brigham et al, pg 199).     

4. What is my definition or description of "liberal education"? Why is it important to me? In what ways has my college education "liberated" me or not? Can I give some examples of this "liberation"?

According to my own understanding the term Liberal Education is a learning process that provides an individual with a basic training; that are aimed at ensuring an individual is in a position to deal in some issues like complexity, change and diversity. Therefore it provides a student with room for a broader knowledge of what is happening in the world.

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Liberal Education is important to me because it will ensure that I am knowledgeable in many issues that are revolving around the world as I will be in a position of knowing what is going on in different sectors of the world including the Political, Economical and Social sectors other that a deep concentration in my field of specialization which is finance and accounting.

My University Education has highly liberated me; this is because I have been learnt more and more different things apart from my initial Business course, in that I have meet with people (Students) from different cultural and social backgrounds. And from the interactions that I had in the university with the students I am in a position to understand and interact with other people from different cultural backgrounds; thus I am in a position to indulge in communication with people from the other cultural backgrounds (Brigham et al, pg 469).

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In the there were students from different nations including Asia, Africa even South  America that came to seek higher education, and in the process I got the opportunity to interact with them either formally or informally. This resulted to me understanding there cultural, religious and social practices as they learnt mine this eventually made me a liberal educated individual.      

5. What is the role of my major in my overall education? How might I continue the study of this major in the future, even if I don't go to graduate school? What books would I hope to read in the future?

The role of my major in the university which is (Finance, major) is to ensure that I am a financial expert who is in a position of dealing with issues / problem ranging from financial report analysis, installation and maintaining of new accounting and auditing records amongst other duties in an organization (Accounting Jobs Today, par 3).











I can be able to continue studying my major even if I don't go to graduate school in different ways this is when I actively get involved in the financial analysis. This is becoming a clerk of a school or even helping some organizations to run and operate there financial systems; this will in one way or the other help me achieve my dreams in my career. In the future I can read books related to Business Management as these will ensure that I am in a position to be a good financial manager these books includes "Financial Management: Theory and Practice" by Eugene, & Ehrhardt and "Effective Small Business Management (10th Edition)"By Norman M. Scarborough amongst other books.

6. What is my personal mission statement? (Required)

I am a devoted financial manager who is willing to do anything in order to ensure that the matters pertaining to finances are handled and monitored with professionals who are sure and have the absolute knowledge of how finances are taken care off. I will be on the front line to provide my Organization (client) with adequate information that will ensure that they benefit from my services.         

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7. Reflecting on the management 489 class experience, how well did it meet your expectations for a senior capstone course? Please explain (Required)

The 489 management class was very important to me this is because it has empowered me into various ways; it has been an eye opener that ensured that I am in a position of monitoring, operating and regulating the financial department of the company. Thus I can be able to find the basic ways in which the company operates its duties and at the same time organize itself to fulfill the requirements of the specific duties of the department.

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