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My Own Country Reflection

The personal experiences of the doctor are as inspiring as they indicate a spirit of devotion on the side of the doctor to help the vulnerable in the society. With the number of those infected with AIDS and affected increasing the doctor saw it necessary to come up with a support group to help this people. The doctor even goes to a further extend of neglecting his family to an extent of being threaten of break up. I do believe that there is no greater calling than serving humanity that’s when we help others we are accomplishing the purpose of our existence. Through the work of the doctor I realized that he was gaining more satisfaction in helping the needy no matter how deep he had to go including even traveling for a long distance and not fearing the repercussions of losing his family, friends and more risky one being infected with the disease.

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The accomplishment of giving hope to many lives and even cautioning the uninfected about the existence of the disease even in the village is a move that should be emulated by many. The feelings of stimulation, tragedy, ultimate gratification and fatigue are all that accompany the profession of being a doctor. The efforts that are done by the doctor to see to it that the lives of those miserable are strengthen, commitment and the extensive experiences related to profession for the basis of my desire and wish to be a doctor.

In conclusion, serving in our community puts us in the league of great leaders therefore being a doctor will enable me to work closely with the community who are vulnerable and requires the support of a specialist. Again in these profession monetary gain is secondary in that you first have to concentrate on life saving and then later request for the monetary reward.

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