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My Personal Attributes

One aspect of my identity is that I exhibit determination in whatever thing I do. My father tells me that I developed this attribute while I was barely three years old. Apparently, I was born a person with a lot of determination. All the same, its integration into various dimensions of life has been through my parents who have put me on the right footing. Sometimes I felt like I was giving up but my parents still insisted there was a way through and thus nurtured my determination.

Something else that I feel is part of me is playing soccer. I demonstrated these skills while I was still at the elementary school. Well, at advanced levels, I felt like it was becoming dangerous for me. On various occasions, I saw my friends play and at a point, I said to myself that I can make it if my fellow friends can do it. The environment I was in thus nurtured my talent and now I have become a seasoned football player.

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Thirdly, my intelligence strikes so many people in whatever thing I do including while am out playing. Naturally, I have that desire to learn and explore so many things along which I have been bale to learn even more. The kind of socialization I have got into the society has had a lot of great impact in my intelligence. I have nurtured my intelligence because the society has provided so many opportunities for me in that sense.

Nature versus Nurture

Well, while scientists and psychologists hold it that human behavior is shaped by the environment and the way we are brought up, there is a belief that our behaviors are natural and are based on genetics depending on the parents. While there could be some truth in these two arguments, it is evident that matters of fears, social behavior, intelligence, preferences and tastes, roles of gender, motivations and personality are established through nurturing. There is substantial evidence indicating a significant link between intellectual growth and the environment an individual is brought up in (Feldman, 2009).

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In what I have experienced, nurture has led to the person I am. The fears were many but the surrounding and the experiences therein made me a different person altogether. I would not have made it with my natural abilities. I had to learn and gather some courage to carry on my natural attributes into higher levels and new regions of growth. My perception towards others has thus changed. Now I know that people can change from the way they were born or from the way they behaved at a particular stage in their lives. They only need to be exposed to new environments and a new person will emerge out of them completely.  

However, there is some contribution that nature makes to the whole being of a person. Nurture can take over from a natural attribute and make it better. On the other hand, if an individual could be born with special abilities but when those abilities are not nurtured, they could become a by word.  Such talents and abilities would just vanish if they do not get to some place where they are nurtured. I would concur with the theory that the mind is a blank state and that the surrounding has got to play the biggest role in nurturing an individual.

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