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My Transition Period from High School to College

Our lives are filled with challenging moments that force us to respond and change. Most of these challenging moments are not as traumatic as the catastrophes we are reading about in The unthinkable. Thank goodness! Instead, they are the moments by which we mark our lives: friendships, changing schools, graduation. One such challenging moment is the transition from high school to college. It is definite that the two life styles are totally different which requires that the person in transition must really strive in order to adjust to the new college environment. This therefore calls for a great degree of discipline in order to make it through the college life.

During my transition period from high school to college I was faced by countless problems which determined how I was to live in college and the rest of my future life after graduating from college. The first challenge that I faced was the proficiency test that I had to do when exiting from high school which I did sooner than it is the norm. The test required that I prepare myself adequately since it was the one determining whether I would join college and start preparing for my future dream of becoming an oncologist. After passing the test, I had to learn on how to manage the unlimited freedom that college life offers. It is well known that in high school time is highly regulated by our teachers and to some extent our parents which is contrary to what is in college where you find that less time is spent having classes. To me it was quite challenging since it was the first time I had a chance to enjoy such kind of freedom which had a lot of temptations.

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On matters related to education, the college curriculum which comprises of totally new courses appeared to be a bit challenging. This was made more complicated by the fact that my high school teachers used to make a strict follow up of what I was doing which is contrary to what is in college where the lecturer requires us to follow the syllabus keenly. College exams also demanded that I really had to work hard since everything ranging from assignments to continuous assessment tests counted in the final grade. Despite the fact that I was a member of the volleyball team in high school, I was faced by a big challenge of trying to secure a place in the college volleyball team since my seniors had already established themselves and secured positions in the team. This almost caused me to shift my interest to other extra-curricular activities.

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During my very first two weeks in college, I really missed my friends who I had left back in high school since I had not yet created new friends in college. The fun that we had with my high school friends could always come across my mind whenever I thought about it.

Indeed these challenges were overwhelming but I was lucky that I was able to manage quite a number of them. One the most important thing that helped me sail on comfortably is that I was very much aware of the purpose why I was in college which was to become an oncologist since I am a cancer survivor and I wanted to offer assistance to other cancer sufferers. By understanding that, I was able to choose the right company in college which comprised of students who we shared a common interest. I also involved my self in activities that helped me to develop intellectually and character wise. I realized that, to make it through college I needed to be an all round student who could be able to balance all issues and still excel academically.

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