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Personal Characteristics and Motivating Factors

Since childhood, I have always had considerable appeal for the Physical Therapy profession, and I believed that my career in this profession is because of the “calling” in life. My love and fascination for Physical Therapy started when I was still young in the playground. I remember helping my peers whenever we used to play together in the school, always giving a helping hand till it became a part of me. Therefore, the desire of providing support to those in pains or in a worse Physical condition grew in me slowly till it was embedded into my DNA.

The interest that I have in helping people has motivates me into taking the Physical Therapy profession. I pride myself in the capability of being able to help those who are unable to work and enjoy excellent health. This is particularly useful in increasing their productivity by mitigating the consequences of their disability and improving their quality adjusted life years. To be specific, I look forwards to helping patients stand on their feet after undergoing a surgery thus complimenting surgeons and aiding faster recovery. This goal will become possible once I acquire skills and experience in the Physical Therapy school.

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Unlike many jobs, being in the Physical Therapy profession will have many personal rewards and satisfaction. Emphasis is not on the monetary and non-monetary benefits but by the passion fueled by the perception that I am helping. I perceive patient care as an advanced form of customer service with the goal of just closing a deal but to make sure that all the anxiety of the patient alleviated, and their questions answered. This belief and enthusiasm changed my motivation in the medical field.

Physical Therapy profession gives me an opportunity to help patients and provide competent and compassionate care to the sick. The desire to make one recover from pains and handle normal life makes me feel I have achieved something. This provides a sense of belonging because it positions me as a problem solver and not on the side of the problem. Practicing as a Physical Therapist will be the one realization of my goals of offering experienced and compassionate care to those in need.

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The skills taught in this profession which I want to acquire are applicable in many fields of medicine and this gives a Physical Therapist an upper hand in discharging their duties. In addition, these skills act as a complement and synergist to the rest of the medical field in the overall care of patients. That is why I made the decision to be a Physical Therapist as it aimed at solving the patients’ needs and the significance of health in an individual’s life. An individual can only functions well when healthy, and stands to be less effective on the onset of even the slightest alignment.

The motivation to pursue a career in Physical Therapist is individualized and varies from person to person. My motivation was as a result of the positive perception of the area for many years. Secondly, the belief in helping the human cause by helping those in need to make the world worth living. Thirdly, the personal benefits acquired in the profession played a crucial role in seeking that career path. Finally, my personal life goals from childhood also serve as a driving force which one of them was to be a Physical Therapist and help those in need. Therefore, one’s motivation in a particular field depends on both internal and external factors guided by personal ambitions. My inspiration and determination has led me to the field of Physical Therapy.

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