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Personal Goals

The strategies I plan to implement so as to achieve my career goals and advancement are in the form of a set of personal goals. The goals have been set to be achievable and measurable. They are thus related to what I want to achieve in my career life and how to achieve it within a given period. Since all goals have a plan, I have developed my Personal Development Plan (PDP). The aim is to create in me a focused individual with set academic and career goals. I have set goals to be able to lead a minimum of thirty people to meet the firm’s goals. I plan to work extra hours so as to have an advantage over others in the running of the organization.

The first strategy is in the form of a question, what do I really want? It comes before all others as it addresses the most fundamental reasons for me to lay out the strategies.It alsoseeks to tackle the biggest success blocker-not believing in oneself and neglecting opportunities. The question will help me to open my mind to opportunities in my field and even other relevant fields. I have come up with a list of what I want and called it the achieved checklist. It will challenge me to be able to tick all the goals within the set time

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There are two major keys for one to succeed, they are efficiency and productivity. I am fortunate to have achieved this during my time as a student worker at the university. As a student advocate, one learns to be productive and to remain relevant. My strategy is to employ these skills in my work environment. This will go a long way in portraying me as a future leader of the organization. I will cooperate with colleagues to be able to be helpful to everyone while building good working relationships.

I have my own vision which has helped me to look beyond. I have realized that the biggest part of any plan is the result, so I will not be caught up in smaller details in implementing the goals. I will be flexible to change as places of employment also undergo changes regularly

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It is important that I ally myself with people who have experience in the fields of management. This is a good way of learning from them and getting prepared for all the challenges. Success is mainly achieved through cooperation in the management field, and it is important for one to strive to forge partnerships with people in their relevant fields. The grouping will allow me to improve on my weaknesses especially in computer applications and allow me to learn from colleagues.

Another strategy is to learn to be persistent in whatever I do. If my strategies seem to fail, I must remain strong and be able to replace and adapt to the new one. The change is necessary for one to find the relevant success path in business.

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Converting stumbling blocks into Bridges to success is another strategy. Trying to ignore possible obstacles is a major personal success blocker.It is important to have a contingency plan for both external and personal success blockers. My personal success blocker like complacency can be avoided by ensuring I remain focused to reach the top. I should have the zeal to work harder even when I receive awards for exemplary performance.

In conclusion, all the strategies will go hand in hand with my current academic goals. They are closely tied in that success. They say, student advocacy will allow me to develop leadership skills. The skills are necessary for me to take up leadership roles in my work environment.

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