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Basic and Natural Human Rights

Democracy is one of the most important principles among the leadership of any country. However, various leaders have different leadership styles, and as a result, whereas some will prefer to use democratic means, others will opt for dictatorship. A democratic form of leadership offers an environment that protects human rights (Charles, 2017). Human beings are protected by various rights such as the right to worship, acquire property and the right to life. These human rights ought to be protected by the government based on particular ideologies and principles.

Representative democracy is a government structure where leaders are elected to represent a group of individuals. The expression used to refer to personal standards or qualities of government behavior, which are vital for the continuation of democratic leadership, is referred to as democratic ideals. Representative democracy is a necessary system of government used to support the democratic ideal. This is because, in most cases, the decisions are made concerning the needs and wishes of the majority of the people (An, Zhang, & Wang, 2017). Each group of individuals can select a representative who will present their needs to the government. Unfortunately, if the representative fails to perform well, he or she is voted out during the next elections. As such, the representative democracy supports what is believed to be a basic natural right.

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In regards to the origins of the representative democracy, John Locke posited that there were certain moral rules, which applied to everyone despite the region an individual resided in. John Locke believed that human beings were equal and free by nature, a concept that was against the belief that human beings were naturally subjected to the monarch. In essence, he argued that people have rights to property, liberty, and the right to life. Concerning consent and obligation, Socrates believed that disobeying the law would be disrespectful to the fellow citizens. Locke argued that human nature made human beings to be naturally selfish. However, Pitkin disagrees with Locke`s argument since there would be no need for talking about the social contract concept if all individuals were naturally selfish (Ball, Dagger, & O’Neill, 2016). According to Hume, in most cases, the obligation to obey the laws is neither derived from contract nor consent but rather, from the straightforward importance of a system, which allows individuals to pursue their interests conveniently and peacefully.

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According to Bill`s principles of liberty, every person has a right to behave the way they want as long as what they do does not pose harm to others. Dworkin's theory on basic natural rights is that human beings are often wrong about the moral principles that they strongly hold dear to. He argues that it reaches a point where an individual`s crime becomes acceptable if one`s principles are skewed enough. Berlin`s readings in regards to basic natural rights, on the other hand, focused on the positive and negative liberty. He stated that individuals are negatively free when no person is interfering with what they are doing and positively free when one was acting to their true and authentic desires and beliefs (Mathiowetz, 2016). In essence, Bill, Dworkin, and Berlin posited various principles regarding basic natural human rights.

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Critics of the basic natural rights argue that human beings take the rights extremely serious as compared to other rights. Also, it is argued that individuals can exercise these rights equally only when they are guaranteed a measure of independence. However, the proponents of the rights suggest that it is important for individuals to realize that it would be bad to violate these laws (Charles, 2017). Essentially, it can be argued that basic natural rights are both a guarantee and a prerequisite of collective debates, which ensures that there is the free exercise of the fundamental freedoms.

The ideology that would best support the right is liberalism. This is because liberalism ideology aims at preserving human rights, promoting economic development, and protecting the environment. The ideology ensures that every person is equal in front of the law (An, Zhang, & Wang, 2017). The ideology aids in the creation of strong social communities by treating every person equal before the law.

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All in all, human rights ought to be protected. Although there are various critics concerning the rights, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. John Locke was one of the philosophers who believed that government laws should apply to every person irrespective of the status quo. Therefore, a democratic government will always be more effective as compared to a dictatorship form of leadership, especially based on liberalism ideology.

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