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How Much Stress is Good for the Human Body

The psychological stress is the large variety of psychical responses that take place in a human body after an incident of any sort, with a direct effect of a stressor, which causes a disruption in the body’s normal state. This change in the human body’s balance can be translated as a serious deficiency or condition, when repeated constantly. This is why Thea Singer has written an article on the correct “dosage” of stress one should suffer from on a daily basis. In other words, chronic, or repeated stress becomes infinitely more harmful than several stressful events spread throughout a larger period of time.

According to Singer, stress can be a “wellspring of life” (2012), a feeling, without which a person would be merely alive. This statement refers to the fact that a normal amount of stress in a person’s life can be quite beneficial because it brings the stimulation that person needs in order to keep him or her engaged in their daily activities. This is quite logical, mainly because the human brain is the main piece of a highly complex puzzle which can only be complete if it fits correctly, or, in this case, functions properly. On the one hand, Singer puts an accent on the fact that “you experience good stress when you feel a sense of control over the even in question” (2012).

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The entire text is very well structured, it is clear, it is easy to read and it focuses on a very clear topic: the importance of the appropriate dose of stress to a normal person.

Singer’s facts are very accurate, as she does not only speak from her professional expertise, but also cites the neurobiologist Robert M. Sapolsky, an expert from Stanford University. Doing this, she supports her arguments with expert opinions, creating the impression of professionalism, seriousness and knowledge. In my opinion, Singer gives enough opinions in her article in order to convince me that stress is rather beneficial for the human body and brain, as long as it is “consumed” in moderation. The entire text adds up to a very clear and to the point writing, the audience of which can be anyone interested in the subject.

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The article is written with accessible words, enabling people from all social and educational classes to read it. Furthermore, the text helped me understand why at times I feel much more energized and capable of doing what I need to do if I am agitated or mad about something else. Definitely the sentence that had the strongest impact upon me is “That's because stress in appropriate amounts is the very stimulation that keeps us engaged with the world moment to moment.” This fragment made me realize that it is very important to know when to stop the stress and exactly how to use the amount that was gathered until that certain moment.

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