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Cantor Article

Cantor in his article ‘Finding our way,’ gives his views on how Long Islanders can achieve economic growth, given the scarce resources. He says that many Long Islanders have always thought that other people, rather than they, can only achieve change. This is the major cause of the poor economy, which prevails. Any part of the country that does not aim at improving, will never progress. To ensure that there is a possibility of economic growth, especially in the Long Island, it is important to principally ensure that there is a solution to the necessities like education, tax systems, transportation, poverty, conservation of environment, and immigration.

Solving all these issues is a bit complex because of their interrelationship. It is also challenging also because of the economical, educational, and sociological elements that each of them encompasses in achieving economic growth. Due to the interrelationship between transportation and environment, environmental conservation has become a big issue to achieve. The only possible solution is by using smaller trucks to transport goods brought by the train to the interior parts of the Island. This will therefore, improve air quality hence, an achievement on environmental conservation.

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The other issue of concern is purchase of lands by the government. This has brought a problem in not only housing but also the economy; therefore, there is need to preserve the remaining available land and decide whether more land needs purchase and its subsequent impacts on the economy. The only solution to this could be to allow builders to exchange development rights with ‘higher density housing.’

Another problem that has been a challenge to economic growth is education. There has been need to spend little money and maximize the benefits of education. Consideration to the changing education systems took place, but the only drawback existing in the system is financing this education. This is because the taxpayers lack trust in the government, an issue that has hindered an insight of how taxation is conducted. This is aggravated by the education cost that is incurred, due to testing done in schools. Children are tested to determine whether they meet the required standard. The test should serve to identify those schools, which require assistance but they often examine students’ progress. It is therefore, inadequate because it does not consider those children from poor families.

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Children from these families encounter many problems, which affect their performance in school, and therefore, left behind in progressing. Solving this problem may involve reducing the money used in testing and allocating it to support such children. Those in the long Island will benefit from this in the future when these students get employed in fields that sustain the economy of the region. On the other hand, immigration is another issue of concern for the Long Islanders. Having educated immigrants may help foster the economic growth of this region. It is therefore, important to start from the basic activities that bring change and improvements if economic growth is to prevail in the Long Island.

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Basing on the issues of education, poverty, taxes, and housing, the scarce available, resources cannot be enough to solve all these issues. There is a problem in determining which of these is to be given a priority. All these issues are closely interrelated and therefore, all need to be addressed equally. This brings up the problem in allocating the few available resources. Having proper housing is important to ensure that citizens are in good health and that high standards of hygiene prevail. Proper housing goes hand in hand with taxation and poverty. Higher taxation rates on people in poverty-stricken areas results to more problems and chances of increased poor health. On the other hand, environmental conservation is of great importance, a phenomenon that is possible through reducing the amount of pollution on roads and on industries. It is therefore, an issue of transportation, which needs consideration.

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Solving all these problems is therefore, a difficult task especially when the resources at hand are limited. In Long Island where a scarce resource is the limiting factor in solving these problems, I agree with Cantor’s recommendation. On the issue of transportation and reducing congestion, it is advisable to use certain hubs that can help to distribute the gods to the other parts of the Island. This method is fair compared to individuals in their own vehicles going to pick the goods from the central point. By so doing, roads will be eased of congestion and hence, reduction in air pollution. This recommendation solves two problems at the same time. On education, he recommends that funds used in testing need to support those students who come from poor families. This is appropriate because, their performance will improve and boost the future workforce of the region, who will bring up the economy.

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In conclusion, Cantor’s article is an appropriate document that can act as a proposal in developing a solution to problems that have trailed economic development in the Long Island. These problems are present in other parts of the world and the recommendations provided, if effectively applied, can bring some achievements. This will be a great foundation to the benefits of an improved economic growth. Change begins from within and if anticipation of national development prevails, these issues need addressing from the grassroots.

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