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Basic Needs and Development

The importance of basic needs to development can never be understated. Defined simply as the important factors for life sustenance, basic needs provide nourishment to the society and subsequently provide a foundation for development to be hinged. Whereas they are at the bottom of the pyramid of needs for life, they provide a foundation which is imperative for the attainment of all needs as per the Marslow's hierarchy.

The basic needs play such a pivotal role that can be established by examining the multifaceted concept of development through all possible realms. Development can be measured by gauging social, economical, political and environmental advancements. Thus, the link to how important the basic needs are can be evaluated in direct connection to each facet of development and establishing how vital a role they contribute.

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Finding meaningful ways to feed, clothe and shelter ourselves dictates the kind of life we live. The motivation behind the struggle humanity undergo is vested on the desire to attain these basic needs and to a larger extent the fulfillment of the Marslow's hierarchy of needs. Self actualization, the top most need in that hierarchy would mean the attainment of satisfactory levels of development. Therefore, it is important to note that the development of the individual or society or nation is dependent on each member of the populace to have ready access to the basic needs.

To conclude, the basic needs define the levels of development. Prosperity and nourishment can only thrive in a firm foundation, founded on adequate supply of the basic needs. The society needs strong social foundations. The political systems count on the healthy population to advance their agenda. The economy thrives and advances when all members contribute to its growth. The environment is guarded by people in the right frame of mind, capable of calling it a haven for success. Therefore, development is dependent on a myriad of factors, but the availability of basic needs is fundamental.

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