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Drug War Crimes

What is the thesis of the book, Drug War Crimes?

                The book, on the Consequences of Drug Prohibition is by JeffreyMiron. In the book, Jeffrey immensely tries to explain the consequences that arise from the acts and policies that are focussed towards prohibition of narcotic drugs. It is a fact that there is a great problem in the United States of America, and the total count for the arrests in the States of America totals to around 1.5 million people annually, who are involved in drug consumption (Miron, 2004). The arrests are carried out on the victims with an intention of trying to alleviate and discourage drugs consumption. The question, however, that arises is to ascertain whether the prohibition lessens or contributes to the number of the individuals involved in the act.

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                     Miron believes that enacting the policies focussed towards drug prohibition makes the situation shoddier. Although the book is to some extent is technically purposive, Miron’s personal outlooks are very apparent. In the book, two questions arise inquiring the extent to which the prohibition lowers the consumption rate and the overall impact of prohibition on violence which emanates from drug use. According to Miron’s analysis, prohibition reduces drug use only by 20% and increase in the overall violence cases (Miron, 2004). Some of these arguments are to some extent quite convincing while the majority of them are not more especially due to absence of moral subjectivity or due to lack of data.

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What examples does the author provide to support his argument?

                       While arguing on the negative impact of drug prohibition, Miron recounts the actions that were adopted by the U.S regime in the year 1920. The policy that constituted industrial alcohol manufacture, significantly led to the death of many of the U.S. citizens with majority of them falling sick as many of them went into the production of their own alcohol (Miron, 2004).

                     On the section of the book that explores the idea of logical drugs, it is argued that the off-putting impact of the countless drugs has been extensively blown up. Miron further concludes that the cases against drug prohibition, to some extent are scholastic. This is acquired through the fact that each and every country in the world opposes drug consumption. Therefore, if any country was to change the policies on drug consumption, the world would end up being a drug industrial unit, and the intercontinental laws and trade contracts would end up violated. Therefore, to some extent, the prohibitions are focussed towards reduction in the overall violation of laws as opposed to the attainment of a drug-free consumption state, in which the consumption of alcohol in the countries enacting the policies is present.

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                     The views of Miron on the drug war crimes are convincing to a greater extent. This is so because, although the government of states continue to prohibit drug consumption, the policy is never effective. When the government enacts policies and legal measures whose aim is to discourage the consumption, people continue consuming the drug to an even greater extent. The crimes do not entirely reduce due to prohibition of the consumption as there have been occurrences of more contravention, either on the trade agreements or on the laws that govern the borders of a country. Therefore, I think that the author puts across factual claims regarding the prohibition, as the result of the prohibition does not nevertheless lead to the achievement of the target by the government, as consumption and law violation continue to rise at a higher rate despite the fact that laws have been imposed to ban the consumption.

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