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Education Helps Reduce Recidivism

In making this hypothesis there are a number of tests done in order to find the conclusion on how true this hypothesis really is. First, one will need to locate the variables that might differ, which in turn may lead to the resulting conclusions. In doing this experiment, one would need to test the effect of intellectual ability, brought about by education, in relation with the frequency of recidivism in a sample. If this results in a positive conclusion, then our hypothesis remains true and we shall indeed know that education helps to reduce recidivism.

Therefore, one of the best ways of tackling this experimental procedure is through stimulus sentences asked to a sample of individuals ( Parkin, 2000). If, for example, I would ask a university professor this question, "Do you think that there are thieves who are intelligent?" my aim will be to view his immediate reaction towards his take on recidivism in relation to intelligence. The factor that I would vary mostly is my subject's level of intelligence in my stimulus sentence. If then I would test his reaction towards a statement like, "Most thieves are foolish," I will target to understand his reaction towards his comparison of intelligence against recidivism in my subjects character. If for example, a sample of intellects is asked this same question and their immediate reaction is one of sadness, then I would speculate that my hypothesis might be wrong.

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There will be a different kind of hypothesis if the overall majority reacts in a different way ( Shibutani, 1986). Reactions that depict affirmation, for example, would make me speculate that that there is some truth to this hypothesis. Nevertheless, there are some measures that I would have to take as control mechanisms. There is a possibility of making too many assumptions while handling this experiment. In order to reduce this, I will have to stretch my field of data collection broader. Some of the ways I can do that is through doing a survey on the kind of reaction that would take place, if I did an exposition of the same stimulus statement to a sample of different levels of intellect.

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