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Social Change


The most influential change in human life is the social change. According to David, humans live in an age of increased specialization. This specialization is aimed at making life simpler and more efficient. Humans keep learning more about each other and the things that surround them. As specialty grows in humans, the process the n splits to subspecialties. The universe is seen to be highly evolving which has created spontaneous emergence of complexity in human behavior at different interaction levels. Humans hence tend to live and labor in the universe to try and get as much as they can form the world.

Social change in humans

In early human societies, there was little organization structure with regards to daily operations of human life. Humans' coexistence with each other lacked the cohesion and organization to carry out significant life processes. The development of the notion on social gravity is what is described as having brought a force that drew humans together. "Gravity is described as the force which not only sparked organization among humans but one that led to the generation of all elements in the periodic table"(2005 pp. 245).This means that in early human societies, humans lived almost independently with their activities interacting less wit the environment around them as well as other living forms around them.

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After the social change in humans took place, humans now engaged in collective learning. The social gravity is described to have led humans to the process of collective learning which has gone on to consolidate itself into the modern world that humans live in. This is after the formation of many worlds during the early human life where humans tended to be more independent from each other and the few worlds during the Holocene. The formation of stars is described to have given life to nearby planets to support life while energy flows within the earth sparked the movement of the continental plates. This went on further to increase the human influence over one another and the biosphere as well.

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The social change in humans has brought about more organization in human life. The force of the social gravity that increased human interaction with each other has led to the development of modern human societies such as the development of villages, cities and states. This development in the social aspect of human lives has increased the efficiency of life processes and the development of complexity within the earth. Humans hence are able to harness their energy collectively in solving life problems related to the environment they live in.

Interaction and specialization in modern world

The age of increased specialization and interaction in the social aspect of human life is a repetitive process. The development of specialty and interaction develops into a subset of the same. The process goes over to repeat itself over and over again as time goes by. However, specialization is slowly being replaced by integration. Humans have found the need to integrate the subsystems or subspecialties in order to increase the efficiency of the non-liner system. This implies that the social-interactive process in human lives evolves wit time giving rise to an even more complex process. This change is one of the key factors that have contributed to the world we live in today.

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