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Social Group and Social Changes

Social groups are made up of two or more people who do not only interact with one another but also recognize themselves as members of distinct social unit. People in that group share values and beliefs that enable them to identify with one another. Social groups form an important part of social units that interact with another to form society. Social groups have a well-drawn structure that members are aware and are different from social class that lack definite structure.

Family is one of the primary social groups that are almost universal in all societies in the whole world. Family gives people their first experience of social unity and provides instrumental part in development of the social life. Moreover, family promotes integration of its members in to the larger society. Over the past decades, United States has become complex, urban, and impersonal and the family has been the only social group that has dominated features of social order. Family forms the most basic institution of humanity.

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In the whole society, family is the only institution that is capable of maintaining itself. Family is the only primary social structure that contains both sexes and all ages which is capable of reproducing itself. It contains all social relations including superiority relations, equality and subornation relation, which all enter in all to the structure of social institution. Family differs from other social groups in that, membership is fixed by organic natures that is, husband-wife relations, parent-child relations all relate through biological structure.

Secondly, family is not because of social organization rather it comes from both historical and logical form of social life. It does not come from society but itself produces society. Family primary function is continuing life of species, which cannot be delegated to any other social group. It conserves the social order by transmitting social possession from one generation to another thereby ensuring social progress. Family forms the first school for socializing that is transmitted to other social groups including government, religion and others.

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