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Social Science

Birth control- access to efficient birth control information has given women time the right to have children when they want and not being forced upon.

Education- education created significant changes in power relations between women and men and increased female authority. Education freed women from economic dependence on men as women in public education had a large degree of independence from masculine rule. Education offered wealthy kinds of capital for women including how to raise children and organizing and administering resources. 

Employment- women became educators and grasped men’s positions. They engaged in each and every occupation.

Temperance- this ensured that women remained sober and formed more temperance movements which were supported by protestant denominations.

  1. A). Push factors- economic hardships like the Irish potato famine of 1845-47 led women to seek enter the labor force.

B). Pull factors- economic opportunity in America in the absence of economic hardship was a pull factor

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3. a). Describe one way industrialization affected women’s lives

Industrialization changed the situation of women in many ways like in spearheading riots when attention shifted to work based strike as new work roles including feminism developed around 1914.

b). Describe one way urbanization affected women’s lives

Urbanization required more formal education and it involved changes in employment and altered relationships between household and the labor market. 


4. Give one reason why different ethnic and racial women formed separated clubs

Ethnic and racial women formed their own different clubs mainly to enjoy their own culture practices, practice their own religion and use their own language.

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5. Riley discussed the evolution of gender expectations for several groups of women. Describe one main difference about each of the following groups in The New West during the Progressive Era.

a). Native American Women- compete with their male counterparts in politics, serve as religious leaders 

b). Hispanic women- empower each other by forming charities

c). African American women- were focused on civil rights

d). Asian women- convert to Christianity


6. a). Author: M. Carey Thomas.

Title: “Present tendencies in women’s education”,

b). Main idea: Inferiority to men.

Author: Caroline Gillman

Title: recollections of a southern matron

Main idea: talks about the male dominated south and how women can liberate themselves.

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7. Elizabeth Cady Stanton organized the first women’s rights convention and drafted a Declaration of Sentiments where she claimed that men and women were created equal.

8. Susan B. Anthony published the women’s rightly weekly journal which promoted women’s right to suffrage and equality in work. 

9. Stanton’s main idea in her book The Solitude of Self is to show the implications of self-expression. The story of Edna’s discovery of ways to express her leads her to reveal long-repressed emotions. She awakens and learns three languages, expresses herself through art, express love and passion that she had kept for a long time. 

10. The question is a repetition of number 6.   

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