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Technology in Our Lives

The use of technology has expanded all over the globe. As a result, it has become a daily necessity and the primary means of communication. Laptops are among the most widely used gadgets that make people’s lives easier. Modern laptops have provided extended opportunities. Therefore, students use them for various activities. Nowadays, much controversy emerges as teachers and educators cannot come to an agreement concerning the use of laptops during classes. There is an idea that laptops distract students’ attention from the learning process. Therefore, students are often forbidden to use these gadgets during the class. The issue arises many arguments in favor and against the use of modern devices. So, the main question is: “Should teachers allow students use laptops during class time?” Yes, they should; otherwise, it is the violation of personal rights and privacy, as well as a limitation of their opportunities and needs in terms of education, communication, and socialization.

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Students should not be banned from using laptops during class time as it is the violation of privacy and personal rights. Surely, a student should comply with the rules of an educational establishment. However, modern devices were invented to assist people in numerous activities, and to help students learn and get information, communicate and share information in particular. Definitely, improper control over the use of laptops can result in problems related to students’ distraction during class time. Laptops may really distract students’ attention at times. However, putting constraints on the technology use does not solve the problem (Page, 2007). Restriction to use devices in the classroom prevents students from improving education level through technology integration. Therefore, permission to use them can solve some problems, such as ability to get access to information, share their ideas, and many others. Different discussions and arguments have been raised to support the idea that modern students cannot be banned from using technological tools during class time as it would be a violation of their rights. When teachers restrict the use of laptops, students are negatively affected as they do not have any freedom to have access to information, communicate, and share their ideas, which infringes their personal rights.

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The use of laptops during class time can improve the academic results of students and the learning process itself. Students make up the largest group of those who use technology in their daily activities. It means that modern students are technology conscious and cannot imagine a day without it. Studies indicate that the use of laptops assists students in learning (Baker, Lusk, & Neuhauser, 2012). Therefore, teachers should encourage them to use technology during classes. Positive effect of practical utilization of modern devices cannot be doubted. Also, laptops are a valuable source of information, new ideas, creativity, and knowledge.

The use of laptops should be encouraged for practical reasons. It will change teachers’ negative attitudes to modern devices and to using laptops during classes for educational purposes. Also, it will help strike the balance between disagreement of teachers and educators regarding the use of laptops and the protection of students’ personal rights and privacy. Permission to use laptops during class time helps students to have better value and realization of education. It helps them to be more involved in projects and researches and enable students work independently. Also, modern devices provide them with better insights into the subjects and allow them to conduct deeper research on the topics that are taught.

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Nowadays, many students make notes on a computer as they find it much faster and easier than handwriting. Even durins the theoretical classes, students prefer writing down things (Carrie, 2008). Therefore, laptops are of great help. As students spend much time using their laptops (e.g. surfing the Internet, communicating, looking for information, sharing ideas, etc.), they may revise the needed material from the notes taken on a computer. Also, college students are mature enough people, and it is up to them to decide where to make notes and what method of studying to choose. Hence, laptops should be allowed in class as they make learning easier and speed the note taking. Moreover, they allow using a variety of online sources that may become valuable in better understanding of the course material.

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Laptops facilitate the interaction among students and increase class participation rates. In addition, they increase students’ motivation. Students cannot imagine their life without technology (Antonucci, 2014). Hence, the use of technology is considered to be their second nature. They have grown up with it and have been doing their best to incorporate it into almost every aspect of their lives. Banning laptop use in classrooms will deny students the access to potential learning tools that have numerous benefits of the improvement of the learning process.

Laptops are used as a collection of e-books. Many students buy digital editions of textbooks. It prevents them from carrying traditional printed copies. Nowadays, e-books are more preferable than traditional ones due to accessibility, cost efficiency, environmental friendliness, ease of sharing it with others, etc. Therefore, it is essential for students to have access to their devices during class time, and they need technology to use books. Also, students need access to supplemental information (Carrie, 2008). Laptops provide access to the Internet, and they are widely used to find information about the topic discussed in the classroom. Of course, devices are sometimes used to check social networks and e-mail, but it may not take much time. At the same time, teachers and educators may use laptops to provide additional information that is easily and almost immediately accessible to the students.

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Students like streamlined organization of their lives. Laptops provide students with a range of features that help them with time organization. For example, the devices provide calendars, note taking applications, etc. They keep learners organized as they help them to keep information connected between devices. Therefore, devices assist students in their learning process and make education effective.

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