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Grandiosity can be described as an inflated self esteem and growing sophistication. One of the most significant symptoms of grandiosity that distinguishes it from a positive self esteem is the attempt by an individual to exercise power and authority as well as conspicuous a sense of omnipotence (Cecil 7). Grandiosity is a false sense of superiority, an inflated sense of self-worth and importance. It is therefore important to be certain not to confuse grandiosity with the normal air of superiority and noble ambition. Grandiosity is also a cover for despair (Brown 61). It is without hope because it is not real and sometimes, it is an attempt to counteract someone's littleness, based on the belief that littleness is real.

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We are being Grandiose when we develop overblown self-esteem-a believe that someone has extraordinary capabilities, powers, or talents, and the conviction that our opinions are superior and we can do no wrong (Cecil 8). When this happens, feeling of grandiosity takes charge and warp out thinking. The following scenario describes a case of a friend of mine who demonstrated grandiosity in his middle life years.

Marquez, a marketing manager with an IT company in his early 30s, married for six years and with three children, started showing symptoms of grandiosity. One ordinary morning, Marquez announced to his spouse that he was brimming with ideas and vast energy, which his current job could not fulfill, and that he has all of a sudden come to realize that his current employment was just a waste of talent. That night after the announcement, he spent most of his time thinking and making notes of the 'new' ideas he wanted implemented. The following morning, Marquez left for job at his customary workplace but by 10 AM he was back home and to the surprise of his wife, he had acquired a new van and loaded it with tropical fish aquariums and other equipments ready for a fish business. His wife come to learn that he had just resigned from his job that morning, and after that withdrew all the family savings which they had struggled to save over the time and spent it all on the project he had invented overnight. During his overnight inventions, Marquez had come up with a modification on the existing equipment such that the fish won't die. He believed that this new idea will transform them into millionaire. Marquez took to the neighborhood with the paraphernalia in search for possible buyers, talking to anyone who cared to listen and moving door to door.

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