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Gay Marriage

The debate over same sex marriage is nothing new. Many countries around the world have legalized same sex marriage. In the traditional sense, marriage is defined as a legal and religious commitment between a man and a woman. Marriage is the ultimate expression of love. Same sex relationships have been gaining acceptance in many countries. Most of them are not allowed by law to engage in marriage. Some states in the United States have allowed what they call a civil union. This is the same as marriage but without the use of the word. For my thesis, I am taking the position of someone who is against same sex marriage.

Majority of world religions regard homosexuality as a sin. It is unacceptable because the Bible clearly states that God made Adam and Eve – meaning man and woman, and no one else. It will be offensive to the religious community of gay marriage will be legalized. It is an insult to them if the government will allow a sacred union between homosexuals because to them, it is a sin. Legalizing homosexual marriage will weaken the faith and respect for marriage as an institution. A law that would legalize gay marriage will further weaken the definition of marriage aside from high divorce rates. Some individuals might be taking advantage of the law by getting married so that they can benefit from reduced taxes.

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Gay marriage will have a negative impact on the traditional values of the family. Since the family is the basic unit of society, it is important that such values will be preserved. The foundation of the family is strong because it is composed of a man, woman and children. The values of the family have long lived and sustained the society. Another form of a family with same sex parents can have negative psychological effects to the adopted children. The definition of marriage would also be in danger. This might open other options for absurd ideas like marrying an animal, object, a sibling and even parents (Hull 34). The definition of marriage could be lost if other ideas are entertained. The lifestyle of homosexuals is something that should not be encouraged. Research has shown that their lifestyle has led to many psychological disorders, sexually transmitted diseases and other complications (Mello 13).

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Marriage is most importantly a religious rite. Legalizing marriage is considered an intrusion to the affairs of the religion. Marriage is sacred and a religious sacrament that must be respected (McNamara 55). The laws of God precisely state that marriage is between a man and a woman. Legalizing gay marriage will break this law and is considered a sin against God. Marriage is an institution and should not be taken apart for what it originally is. Since the beginning of time, it has always been man and woman. There are only two types of gender – the male and the female. Homosexuals should respect the values of society and not abuse the acceptance of the majority. Homosexuals have come out in the open because their acceptance to society has become widely known. However, they should not go as far as proposing to legalize marriage. There are other ways for them to express their desire for their partners. Marriage should not be one of them since legalizing same sex marriage would undermine the whole idea of the institution.

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Denying homosexual marriage violates the religious freedom of individuals (Reynold 66). The major religions of the world do not recognize homosexuality because for them, it is a sin. But civil liberties include the protection of a person's religious beliefs must be protected. This includes people who do not have religious beliefs. A marriage is considered a secular action. The government should not be forced to make laws to ban gay marriages just because it is against the beliefs of religion.

All couples must be able to enjoy the benefits of marriage. This includes a joint ownership of property. Marriage is more than just a legal aspect. Marriage can affect other functions of society. These are benefits from insurance and tax filing. Marriage can also affect decisions when it comes to medical emergencies. The widespread awareness of homosexuality and their lifestyle is very much accepted in current times. In the past, homosexuality was regarded as a deviant behavior and homosexuals were forced to hide sexuality for fear of being ostracized. Throughout the early history of mankind, homosexual relationships have existed. If a country or state will deny gay marriages, this will be a form of discrimination against a minority group (Mello 60). Homosexuals can be considered a minority group. Denying their right of civil liberty is like denying African-Americans of the same rights.

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Homosexuals can freely express their sexual orientation but this does not mean that they can freely break tradition and oppose social norms. There is such a thing as respect. If they want to be respected, then they should respect the beliefs of others as well. Majority of the world's population still believe that gay marriage should not be legalized. Homosexual couples can still make a commitment without marriage. They can live together if they want to. There is no need to force an issue wherein the majority will oppose. One must work for the greater good and in this case, legalizing gay marriage is not for the good of the majority.

Advocates of gay marriage say that society will not be affected when it will be legalized. They cannot say that for sure because there are many possible consequences. It might cause disorder within the religious community and the values of society as people know them. The definition of marriage should remain as it is: a union between man and woman. The law must draw the line on this one. What will people think of next? What if someone decides to marry their pet or their brother and fights for their right to do so? It is absurd to even think about these ideas. It is making a mockery out of the institution. If the argument is about equal rights, then a child should be allowed to marry if they want to just like a homosexual should be allowed to marry his partner. Laws and norms were created to bring order to society. Man does not have absolute freedom. There are limitations to the things that he or she can do and cannot do. This point is what homosexuals should understand.

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