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Gifted and Talented Education

Gifted students are those who have certain skills and abilities that can make them a superior part of the community. The actual definition of gifted students does not exist because it is very difficult to determine the gifted abilities of the students and therefore still in many US states the mandate of gifted students is not present which makes these students to take education at an ordinary level. Moreover, the needs and demands of these students change from time to time as their abilities nurture. The state laws of many states however, also allow the implication of the gifted education which allows these students to take part in whatever education they require and in whatever way. The gifted education system is an unconventional form of education where the classrooms are extinct and the homework assignments are not there. The criteria for their education provision are dependent upon the skills and their interests. More importantly there have been a recent boom in the provision for the better education system for the gifted students in many parts of the developing countries and the results that are obtained are quite phenomenal as these students are growing into statures and are becoming leaders in their professions. So what can be the done to provide them better education to make them most beneficial is still a question of lot more investments into the education system.

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There are always certain positives and negatives in every action. There have been debates on the mandates for the gifted students. The positives of providing gifted education to gifted students help them in a far better way. By this way they know that they are an important part of the society and they can become better as time passes by. So because of their stature they must be provided special facilities. But this highly requires strong budgets which still many states in the country cannot cope with. The problem is the spending on those schools which are conventional schools. Many district schools and the education systems there have limited budget which they have to use for all the students including the ordinary ones as well. So when they think of providing better facilities to the gifted students they merely take away the ordinary facilities from the ordinary students who are not gifted and are taking conventional mode of education. This pertains to provide a strong negative impact on society where the ordinary child is unable to get proper education and the ones who are gifted are getting extra benefits for being gifted. These comparisons have led the education providers to keep their focus on all the schools lest the gifted schools. So it is very proper to state that providing the gifted education is somewhat costly and can be bear only on the expense of the other children which is supposedly not the option at all according to the laws of the country and states.

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The mandates that have been provided to states for the education are very limited. In fact the budget is always less and the requirements are very high. When the government starts to think to limit the budget all the students are carried away. More importantly the schools which are for gifted students are those who are highly affected. Limiting budget means that they will not be able to get which is required to nurture their skills. They will not get their art galleries or their scientific equipments to carry out the research which are not available in other schools. The gifted students have the problem that they are special and vulnerable to the surrounding as well. So when we are not providing them better education and providing them with the education with ordinary students we are not only limiting their self belief but also making them inappropriate to understand their abilities and skills which in the end make them useless. In this sense we can only lose them if the budget of education is limited or the government starts to think to decrease the number of the gifted education centers.

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The gifted students must be provided with the mandates that could enable to live a better life. It is all upon the priorities of the states and governments on how they spend money for those they will need them in the future.

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