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Nineteenth Century Art

Interest in the sentimental, the sublime, and the heroic was expressed in 19th century art through many ways; artists used many techniques and styles which were commonly by a highly subjective and imaginative approach; many paintings not only displayed emotional intensity but also expressed visionary and dreamlike qualities. German writer, Bertrand Hoffman noted that most of the 19th century artists deviated away from the neo classical and classical art which is usually calm as well as restraint in feeling; and drew paintings which were mystical and had a great affinity for nature.19th century art had intense sublime expressions and had a tendency of emphasizing in aesthetic theory instead of what many artists considered to be beautiful. Nineteenth century art created a distinction between beauty and the sublime. Beauty became identified with harmony and delicacy while sublime art was more inclined towards vastness, capacity to inspire and obscurity. In addition, 19th century art caused a change from 'reason' to 'imaginations and feelings' Heroism and sentimentalism is also greatly expressed in 19th century art.

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This was possibly due to the World Wars that happened during the same period. Many painters such as Flemish Baroque drew their inspiration from such contemporary events. Many artists drew battle paintings glorifying their leaders which further demonstrate the aspect of heroism in 19th century art. Heroism later inspired artist to shift towards battle paintings which expressed endurance and pain. In the famous Wounded Cuirassier painting, a soldier jumps of the battle field as descending clods and rising smoke encroach on his figure. Heroism is also demonstrated in 19 century works of art through paintings such as Raft of the Medusa. Interest in the sentimental and sublime is also evident through artist like Samuel Palmer. His 19th century paintings were characterized by simplicity of style as well as visionary religious expressions which had great sentimental value. Sublimity is also vivid through the paintings of meditative landscapes.

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