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Visual Artworks

Visual artworks play critical in the description of the fabric and text in the paintings. The sculptures and paintings done by two artists, play a role in passing essential information in their paintings. However, they impress in painting using different paintings and colours. Their work differs though they are all intended to pass certain information. The painters had varied perception and expressions on their creative struggles and enormous entanglements with aesthetic claims to revolution of painting activity. Malevich had created influence through his ideas and skills that his artistic work brought influence to the United States and Europe. He changed and brought about in the aspect of non-representational art. Barnet Newman was also renowned in the use of stone, in his artwork. He dealt with most of the boundary works in his artwork, and how to integrate the inner and outer parts of the painting.

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The ideas of Malevich of the forms and meanings of artworks created theoretical aspect of art in his paintings as he worked in a varied range of artwork styles. His most significant work was the concentration of the geometric forms that included triangles, squares and circles. He tried to point out the relationship between these geometric forms in the pictorial context in his artworks. Barnet Newman mainly concentrated on stone in his painting and art and he was greatly challenged by printing lithographic stones (Erben, Walter and Miro 12).

Barnett Newman used the margins in his all paintings and believed that regardless of what an artwork is done or how art is done, margins are important. Most his artwork had varied sizes and formation of margins. None of the artwork and sculpture by Barnett was done without the margins. Out of all the eighteen cantons he did, each had individual, different margin expression that provides unique differences. Malevich, on the other hand, dealt with wide styles in his art and sculpture. He worked in different styles like impressionism and cubo-futurism that led him to be a suprematism. This is his own and unique personal, philosophical view and practice of painting and perception of the art and sculpture paintings. In his paintings through the geometric styles and form, he wanted to influence generations to come in the west through his abstract arts.

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Malevich's early work was mainly done and executed in post impressionist modalities. There was also the influence of symbolism and art Nouveau in the early development of his art and painting, which was very significant to him. He became acquainted to artists, and he shifted his work to the more avant-garde autistics that is expressed in his paintings. Barnett used the aspect of boundary in most of his paintings such that his work related beyond the borders and the perception created. This component of the painting he used in his sculpture helps the viewer to separate the inner part of the work from the outer part. The work he painted also helped to separate and integrate itself with the outer world that came across Barnett's painting. Barnet described this in his work as frame, border and edges while Malevich in his work was not much concerned with the work of the frames. The artwork and painting by Malevich did not show the edges of the inner and outer part of the work. The cantos work of Barnett are unique and interesting in that they are in specific highlight the important aspect of boundary in his work that may at times be latent and not clearly be understood in his paintings. In the print making process, Barnett it left an artefact that resulted to the ideology of boundary in his paintings (Erben, Walter, and Joan 19).

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Perhaps in his painting and the current art and sculptures, no component is critical because it has helped the artists to integrate their paintings and sculpture with the outer world. In his paintings, Barnett tried to integrate his work with the outer world as they are now in display within the Portland Art Museum. Malevich in his paintings focussed on the attention to the Cubist, and futurist philosophies that he used in his artwork. In his paintings and artwork, Malevich's works mostly concentrated on the scenes and philosophies of provisional peasant life of the people. The pictures in his work were made dependent on conical and cylindrical forms with the strength of basic, primary colours. Barnet work was not based on these geometrical forms like conical and cylindrical shapes used by Malevich. In the work he did, Malevich worked mainly in cubo-futurist styles comprising of basic elements from synthetic cubism and the futurism of the Italian art (Margolin and Victor 53). This resulted in a dynamic, geometric reconstruction of figures. In contrast, Barnet never relied on specific figures or particular format in reconstructing his paintings. However, Barnett struggle in his paintings to make sure that the paintings he did existed in the people's world and not as a window to the other, therefore, he wanted to create a perception of reality expressed in the paintings and artwork he did.

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Barnett strived to create an aspect of totality in the words of his paintings and artwork all the time. Most of the Barnett's artwork was done on the lithographic stones the printed on the paperwork, which changed the sizes Barnett, had intended to portray in the lithography stones. Unlike the paintings of Malevich, his paintings, and art existed in the people's real world and they could relate to work with their physical presence than just in their eyes.

The paintings Barnett Newman did were essential in helping people who look at his works understood what it meant to exist as individuals. Later Malevich rose and changed his painting aspect from the figurative elements in his painting to the pure abstraction artwork that described him as a new super mastic artwork. In his work, he transformed the art he did through the depiction of the basic geometric form on the canvass that was freed from all iconographic reference (Rubin 72). In this work, Malevich rose in his work above the tradition of important and usual rational understanding of pictorial forms in art. In his work, the super mastic work he did was concerned mainly with the feelings and not the logical understanding. Malevich personally described his work at that time as new icons, which he meant they were holy images for new aesthetics of the abstract art.

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The Barnett paintings were and still are about the direct engagement between the art of painting and the space of the people who view the art. In his painting work, he was able to move the spaces and the Zip. Zip was the most efficient in his artwork because the span of complete and full heights of the canvas allows people who view the art to utilize the Zip to locate their bodies with the field of the paintings he did. According to Barnett's work everything painted was flat and on the surfaces and not like the art of Malevich who tried to use geometric forms to create the three-dimensional aspect of the painting.

In addressing the boundary of the painting, Barnett never used frames in integrating his art. He created frames by placing his work on the exact environment where the work was places. In other situations, he would place his paintings directly on the centre of the floor so that the rest of the floor of the room becomes the composition of the frame or the environment ha painting is intended to be placed.

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Kazimir Malevich in his later paintings mainly abandoned any bourgeois aesthetics of representation and instead elaborated the concept of radical abstraction that was seen in his artwork. His paintings and artwork were not consistent like the work done by Barnett Newman. He changed gradually from using geometric forms in painting to the design of textile patterns and street decorations (Fer, Batchelor and Wood 36). In essence, therefore, his paintings changed gradually from one form and style to the other with time. These changes led him to develope the architectons the architectural models Malevich designed. Malevich paintings were, however, accompanied by words and slogans because he used text words in his art unlike Barnett's that were mainly pure artistic in nature.

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Kazimir Malevich was the artist that his work created influence across the western countries and the United States. His painting and art left revolution in painting in most parts including Russia and Berlin of Germany. However, he was one of the artists that left representational art completely to venture and design the abstract compositions. Artistic work and paintings are always taken to portray some communication and perception and may be designed to deliver certain aspects like religion, education or social aspects. Artists differ in their designing components and the information they convey. The museum displays are important places to keep the artwork and display. Boundary is critical and most important of all the paintings and artwork done by a different artist. They impress in painting using different paintings and colours.

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