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Parent Involvement in Secondary Level Schooling

The study "Motivation of Parent Involvement in Secondary Level Schooling" can be categorized as both quantitative as well as qualitative. It is quantitative because the researcher focused on a certain number of parents (770 parents) from only 5 schools in 5 Quebec secondary schools. The reason the study qualifies to be qualitative is despite the high number of schools in the region, the researcher just used 770 parents in order to get quality outcome. The main research topic that was being addressed is how parents are involved in the schooling of their children, not only in secondary school but all grades. A certain percentage of student's was also involved in the research. According to Epstein (2001), parent involvement in the education of children decreases mostly during the adolescent stage. The reason for this is that as children enter the adolescent stage, they feel they have "matured" and as a result they alienate themselves from their parents and forge strong bond with their peers, as a result most children during this stage discourage their parent from visiting / accompanying them to school.

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The participants in this research study are parents of adolescents who are concerned about the education progress of their children. They are willing to give ideas and suggestions that can help improve the parent involvement in the schooling of the children. In table 1, the (participant) refers to responses of parents from grade 1 to grade 6. In order to get comprehensive results, the authors use research in the study; they conduct interviews from the 770 adolescent parents. Most of the data collected from the parents was by means of questionnaires and one on one interview's. The four main physiological constructs studied in this research article are; the relative potential of parents' role construction, parents' willingness to helping adolescents succeed in school, parents' point of view of teacher invitations to become involved, and finally parents' point of view of students' invitations to become involved in the process.

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One finding from the study is that parents' involvement in the schooling of their children varies from grade to grade; this is both at home and at school. The end result of this research is a win - win situation for all the parties involved; parents, teachers and children. For the parents they will be in a position to understand the change of behavior of their children as they go up the academic ladder and this will make them be in a better position to address their needs. As for the teachers, the results of the study will help be in a better position to mediate peace and harmony between parents and children. As for the children, most of whom are adolescents, they will make parents aware of how they expect to be treated, i.e. not as babies but as young adults.

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