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The Book Review

Lectures like to assign book reviews to the students, but most of them never understand why? To them, such tasks are cruel attempts by the lecturer to force them into reading. Nevertheless, there is definitely something more than that. A book review is a literary analysis, in which an individual analyzes a book based on its style, content and merit. Apart from being carried out in periodicals, book reviews can also be found on the internet and at school. When writing a book review, one should not only present the structure and content of the book, but also promulgate own ideas about what has been read as objectively as possible.

This can be achieved by subdividing the report in several basic parts. The initial part of a book review covers the bibliographical information. This includes the book’s title, name of the author, place of publisher, and the books editor, if available. The second part highlights the background information of the author. This is aimed at ascertaining the author’s credential and capability for writing in the subject in question. The next section entails stating of the thesis statement. The thesis statement is a brief statement that indicates the main ideas of the book.

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After developing a thesis statement, the book review provides a comprehensive analysis of the book’s structure. Calvani and Edwards (78) assert that this is the most important part of the book review because it discusses the main ideas in the book. In this section, the book review showcases how the author has organized his or her main ideas as well as subsidiary ideas. Note that this part must be related to the thesis statement that was provided before. The next section will provide a summary of the books’ content. Based on the reader’s notes, this part summarizes the author’s chief ideas as well as the different literary elements such as similes, metaphors, and themes that the author has used in his or her work (Calvani and Edwards 56).

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Despite the fact that the book review is chiefly concerned with highlighting the book’s structure and content, it may highlight the reader’s opinion regarding the book. The reader is at liberty to criticize the book by commenting whether the book is suitable for the intended audience. At the tai-end of the book review, it is advisable that one recommends (or not recommend) the book to other readers.

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