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The World We Created at Hamilton High: a Schoolography

There have been phases in the period 1950’s to 1980’s, but the super school phase was in the period 1953-1965. Hamilton High was opened in 1953 and comprised of students mainly from American middle class earners. The school admitted boys and girls who were ready to be prepared for college education. The girls resisted the skirts and were forcing the institution to accept miniskirts (Gerald, 1988).

The social unrest came in the period 1966-1971 (Gerald, 1988). Hamilton High admitted the black students. The racism was experienced between the black students and white students as well as their teachers. This had an effect on the school performance; and it dwindled significantly. Fear gripped the school.

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The phase of the students turn was experienced in 1972-1979 (Gerald, 1988). This was experienced with student’s protests. Hamilton High practiced racism openly; black students were punished harshly compared to their white students. The period was experienced by lack of trust. The law allowed students not to be punished. Students demand started to reshape the world of Hamilton.

The final phase was experienced in the period 1980-1985 (Gerald, 1988) characterized by the enrolment of the disabled students. The disabled students and students from other regions of the world were faced with rejection and fear.

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Hamilton High School represents the need of reforms in the schools. The students of today are not ready to accept orders. They need an explanation as to what to do or not to do. Proper communication must exist within students, teachers and the school administration. Communication failure creates stress and rebellion. Skipped classes are evident in the institutions. This has brought the education standards down due to poor performances. Racism is no longer a threat today.

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There have been many cases of beer drinking in the school. Students are heavily drinking despite the many failures in the schools. The students get disoriented and lack focus in their school life.  Another problem being experienced in the schools is the cannabis sativa commonly referred to as ‘Marijuana’. This stuff drove students to madness.

Prostitution in the schools is another vice that is demeaning the moral standards. This is mostly common among the university students. The ‘sugar-daddies’ and ‘sugar-mummies’ pick the students from their campuses and spoil them with money. This social standard is unacceptable and must be addressed in the schooling institutions.

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Strikes and molestation is a developing vice. Students are fighting their teachers and the school administration now and then creating the uncertainty of the schools. This has led to burning of schools and unending court battles. The today’s schools need proper management by initiating communication forums between the stakeholders (Harvard university press, 2011). This will solve problems amicably and in the real time. The people of today need clear illustrations not just orders.

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