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Every business corporation requires proper management skills and practices which will enable it to fully function in the competitive market. It is important for business managers to encourage innovativeness and creativity in coming up with proper strategies that will help the business to grow. Having understood the importance of innovativeness in beating competition, I intend to implement new software that will enhance the business process of my company. The constant challenges that people face when it comes to dealing with land cases have been a thorn in the flesh of many land owners. Real estate developers have engaged in legal tussles that have left many potential land owners crying foul. Consequently, the uncalled for delays that court procedures take before determining the various cases have added to the agony of the land owners. In view of this, my new system will connect Dubai Courts with the Real Estate section in order to facilitate land owning procedures and minimize cases of fraud. This system will also be beneficial to parties involved in tussles through saving time that would otherwise be wasted in visiting courts to press charges.

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Currently, complainants will have to go the Courts Registration counters to press charges, he/she will have to fill forms and take to the Land Department after which the officers will check the validity of the charge. The complainant will then pick the results from Lands Department and take it back to the court’s registration section to open the case.

It is evident that this is a laborious procedure that may end up frustrating complainants even more. The system that I have created will require employees of Emirates to use their identification cards to access the details of the unit’s registration. This intends to be a fluid process that will save both sides of the divide both time and money.

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It is important for businesses to develop strategic means of improving its competitiveness in order to remain relevant in the market. Strategic management entails identifying a company’s specific objectives and developing concise plans and policies that will help it achieve these objectives. It is a set of managerial skills that business managers ought to spread among all the employees so as to effectively run a business.

In order for a strategy to be successful, the laid out plan should be followed to the latter so as to eliminate any possible chances of failure. A situational analysis which in this case involves the laboriousness of the court process should be conducted and a strategy that best suits the problem be put into practice. Most importantly, organizational communication will be the penultimate tool that will see the fruition of the strategy employed.

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It must however be noted that there are five major forces that shape a business industry’s competition. The availability of competitors, bargaining power of buyers, bargaining power of suppliers, availability of substitute products and the threat of new entrants will definitely have an impact on the success of a strategic management tool (Porter).

Supply and chain management is an important aspect of strategic management that involves customer satisfaction. The customer is often the one who starts the chain through requesting for a service and it is upon the company to ensure that the customer is satisfied. Such satisfaction will be achieved through massive investment in technology that will enhance organizational communication. My system has integrated aspects of strategic management through ensuring that our customers get easy access to the information that they need.

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The customer is always the biggest asset for any successful business corporation without who a company will be faced with hard times in the quest to achieve its mission and vision. Through putting customers at the centre of your business, a business manager and the business at large stand a higher chance of increasing its growth and future competitiveness-this is what Hax (4) refers to as the Delta Model. Through the use of technology especially the internet, businesses can come up with databases that will be used in the management of a business. The Delta Model aims at linking the customer to the larger enterprise thereby presenting him with new sources that can be used in the acquisition of goods and services.

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Since bonding with the customer is the primary goal of the Delta Model, it goes without saying that having databases that will have the profiles of various customers and perhaps their areas of interest will enhance business success. Databases have the advantages of enhancing organizational communication via the internet and computer software that outline specific information about a company. A database also secures company information since one can use passwords that will only be accessible by the intended persons (Thomas). It further reduces cost of management which is every manager’s dream. In this regard, this new system will capitalize on the Delta Model as well as invest in database management systems in order to achieve its full potential.

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A closer look at the court case involving developers and their clients indicate that there is need to come up with a system of communication that will enhance business processes between the courts and real estate developers. My new system will make it possible to do away with the backlog of cases in the courts and a possible boost to the land department’s procedures (Alfi, 2010). It will put more focus on the maintenance of customer files in databases that can be used as evidence for enhancing court procedures.

Case studies also play a necessary role in helping business managers determine the right strategy to be employed in a business. According to Baxter and Jack (547) Stake posits that a case study can be intrinsic, instrumental or collective while Yin states that it can be descriptive, exploratory or explanatory. Whatever the reason for having a case study, business managers should carefully evaluate them before deciding on the possible strategy. This will help business managers in identifying the relevant strategic management tools that they can employ in facilitating the success of a business. They state that when conducting a case study, it is important for researchers to identify the main objectives of the research and work towards having a cordial relationship with the participants. Before coming up with this system, I was able to collect enough information from both industry players a move that helped me to achieve the desired results. According to Prahald and Hamel (6), developing core competences of involvement, communication and commitment in an organization is key to achieving corporate success. However, more than anything else strategic positioning is the most important tool for business success.

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The question that begs for an answer after reading all this articles is should innovativeness be limited to company policies and available resources? They however agree that every business should invest in technological infrastructure as a means of achieving business success. These articles provide vital information that has been integrated in my final project. This new system has taken into account the various business success tools and more especially, a tool that will make it easy for solving the problem of miscommunication and delays in dealing with issues to do with land. The Land department in Dubai will become more effective as a result thereby improving its reputation before the public.

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Will the new system be adopted by the targeted companies? What impact will it have in terms of developing technological infrastructure in these companies? Finally, will the new system mean more investment in human resources and what impact will these have on the companies’ future growth? These are some of the important questions that I look forward to finding answers to.

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