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Advertising and Media Communications

The advertising and media communication industry is a major sector in the economy of most countries employing thousands of workers. Advertising campaigns by both large business and small firms provide consumers with vital information at the same time generating income for media forms such as radio, television, social networks and mobile advertisements. Online advertisement is experiencing a slow trend as a result of recession but it is predicted to claim an increased share of the market in some time to come. Since 2005, internet advertisement has doubled to approximately 12% of the advertising market, and some forecast has it that the share will double by 2014. Digital advertisers on the other hand are experimenting a number of approaches to get to the consumers who are dispread in a multitude of Web pages, social networks and games (Silver, 2009)

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Social networks including networks or cites such as MySpace and Facebook have attracted two-thirds of the internet consumers all over the world. Paid advertisements in the social networks declined by 3% in the year 2009 due to recession but the trend recovered to $1.1 billion in the year 2009 and $ 1.4 billion in 2011. The forecast on the social network spending is higher than any other form of advertisement. More than one third of the internet users watch movies, listen to radio or watch TV shows online. Moreso, 62% of adults who make use of the Internet watch videos on sites such as Google and YouTube. This has attracted advertisers who had initially had difficulties in selling adverts that were against consumer-generated content. Sites like Google have reached out to make deals with cable stations like TNT and CNN to display its contents. Businesses making use with IPhones and other advanced mobile phones have increased by more than 159% as they are the most often used devices thus have the greatest number of consumers. The number is predicted to increase to more than $3 billion by 2013 (Wright, 2000).

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