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Business, Society and Ethics

This is a reflective exercise that seeks to examine the nature of advertising and the creation of desire. An advertisement of the tiger beer will be analyzed by assessing the classic advertising techniques that have been applied to entice the consumers to purchase the products. The paper will also identify the group that this advertisement is targeting, analyzing their characteristics. The paper will also consider whether or not the product should be advertised and if the advertisement is moral.

Advertising Techniques used to Entice Customers to Purchase the Product

This advertisement seeks to promote the consumption of tiger beer as it is alleged to provide energy to the users.  First, bright and attractive colors have been incorporated in the advertisement to draw the attention of the public. Then there are objects that have been attached around the tiger beer bottle to provide an illustration of the beer’s ability to provide energy to the consumers. The packaging of the tiger beer is also attractive to persuade customers to purchase the product.  At the rear end of the advertisement, a sketch of two individuals bursting out with some energy is displayed.  The sketch also signifies that the drink is meant for human consumption.

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Social Networking

It is evident that social networking has become an integral part of the current business world. Scoble, indicate that social networking has become unavoidable as many people use in order to stay in touch with each other. Companies are using them in marketing their products among other notable uses. Social networking sites such as Friendster,  blogs and micro blogs have been  acted as virtual meeting places, where people from  different places and having varied interest  meets  and build new acquaintances. They provide socialization platforms for people from different professions, nationalities, and background. Young, Social networks are the online communities of people sharing common activities and interests. They provides  varieties in which  users interacts  with each other such as the blogs , instant messaging , e-mail, newsfeeds  all containing valuable information pertaining  to the ones in the network. When users join the social networking sites, they create their own profiles describing their activities interests, thus becoming easier to connect to friends who have similar interest and likes. Williams says that due to the fact  the users  tends to  self organize  by affinity , psychographic  as well as life stages it thus offers unique marketing  opportunities  in highly  targeted marketing. As recently witnessed in the Arabic countries such as Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, and Bahrain among other notable countries, social networking has been used to ouster bad leaderships. In developed countries such as US, social networks have become a vital campaign tool having such an enormous power such that those potential leaders who utilize this tool ends up being the presidents. Similarly, social net working sites have played a significant role in the success of some organizations across the world. For example, Toyota Company, the leading car automaker in the world has significantly been able to increases its sales figures in some non-tradition markets such as Canada, Latin America and African Continent, an aspect which have highly been promoted by the high online community maintained by the company. For example, the company has more than 1.3 and 0.4 million fans on face book and twitter respectively.  This is an aspect that have helped the firm to  personalize  their brand a  factor that   has greatly improves on the brand  image leading to increased profitability both in short and long run. Hague, indicates that companies should be very clear on what they intend to achieve when they market products on social networking sites. Some of the firms use the social networking sites to communicate to their customers, find new staffs or suppliers, build company’s brand or even reach to new customers. In line with this, it is prudent for them to choose the best forms of social networking site to effectively communicate with the targeted audiences. For global companies such as Coca cola, they normally use their social networking sites such as face book and MySpace to communicate to the existing customers, build the firms brand name as well as wooing new customers. Williams stipulates that  social media sites such as Face book and twitter are  mostly used  to reach to new customers’, while LinkedIn and Viadeo are best when searching for new staffs and building the company’s networks. As indicated above businesses use the social networking for various purposes.

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Target Group

This is a good example of the advertisement technique because it is meant to capture the attention of the target group.  This advertisement targets the young energetic individuals in the society because the beer is meant to boost their energy levels. The colors used in the advertisement also target the young individuals, since they are bright and attractive. The sketch of the two individuals at the rear end of the advertisement displays energetic individuals signifying that the product is meant for the young individuals.

Why the Advertisement Should be Restricted

This advertisement should be restricted for various reasons. First, there is no clear evidence to illustrate whether or not this product helps in boosting the energy levels in the body.  This may therefore mislead the consumers through implanting false needs.  The advert does not also illustrate other essential details about this product, such as the age group targeted, the amount of energy levels attained, as well as the contents of the product and therefore, the company manufacturing this product ought to display such information. In addition, the advertisement increases social expectations.  For instance, from the advert, there is a clear indication of the link between the tiger beer and energy.  The public expectation therefore is that after consuming this product, there will be a boost in the body’s energy. It therefore becomes unreasonable if such an experience is not felt.

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Morality of the Advert

The advertisement is not moral, as it leaves out essential information that should be displayed to the consumers. However, advertisement has several impacts on the society. Its benefits include promoting economic growth and competition, the freedom of choice and public debate. Its disadvantages include attitude manipulation, truth distortion and increase of social expectations. It also instills false needs and results in product dependency.


Advertising is a good procedure for marketing products if it is only done in the correct manner, meaning that deceptive information that can mislead consumers is avoided. The majority of the advertisers normally take consumer ignorance to publish false information, although it may look as genuine and attractive to the consumers. From the above market research, it is evident that social Networking on Social Medias such as Twitter, blogs, YouTube among other notable Social Medias has become the most popular especially to the young generation who are tech savvy. Consequently, all the details regarding the products should be provided so that consumers make correct choices regarding the products offered in the market, and if this is done, then full economic growth can be attained.

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